Sunday Link-Off: Happy New Year!

luana-mourato-moonbasa13-06And here we are for a set of the links and the first set of links of 2014. Well, okay. We had Wednesday’s year-in-review but does that really count? Anyhow, it’s time for the Sunday links. Let’s start a new year off with a new face. Here’s Brazilian model Luana Mourato.

A recent poll says that most Canadians aren’t happy with the direction of the country. The next election is shaping up to be very interesting. (The Globe and Mail)

No one is happy with The Affordable Care Act. The right hates it because they hate the government doing anything affecting citizens. The left hates it because it doesn’t do enough. (New York Times)

Speaking of the political right, 2013 was a big year for shaming women. That’s something that should change. (Al Jazeera America)

The editorial board of The New York Times thinks that the US government should grant Edward Snowden clemency for his whistleblowing. I doubt too many sane people will disagree. (New York Times)

TED Talks have come down from their peak of popularity but they’re still dangerous. (The Guardian)

Bill Nye is worried that anti-science politicians are doing far more harm than good. Maybe we should let Bill Nye run America for four years. He’ll get them back on track. (Mother Jones)

Speaking of science, here’s how emotions affect body temperature all over your body. It’s actually kind of cool. (NPR)

Former NFL punter Chris Kluwe says that his gay rights activism played a large part in being let go by two teams and gives us the insight into NFL locker rooms to prove it. (Deadspin)

Scott Burnside has an inside look at how the US Olympic hockey team was selected. (ESPN)

Team USA also selected a 67-year-old Canadian man to the team. Or they did until they found out that they had the wrong number. (Puck Daddy)

Speaking of inside looks, here’s a look inside Mike Shanahan’s final day as Redskins head coach. (Washington Post)

Someone saw how Phil Kessel and JVR were introduced as members of Team USA Hockey and decided that it was worth a mashup.


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