Entertainment Link-Off: Breaking Gravity

lacey-chabert-maxim13-01Howdy gang. I’ve drawn in for Jackie this week to cover the entertainment beat.

There are two big wide releases this week. Runner Runner stars, but is not directed by, Ben Affleck. Unfortunately, when you don’t get Ben involved behind the camera, it doesn’t always work out well as this one’s received mixed to poor reviews. Your other option is Gravity starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. It’s received near universal critical acclaim which is down to the brilliant direction of Alfonso Cuaron. I won’t be seeing it in theatres because I just can’t take Sandra Bullock seriously. I blame Speed 2… and most of her career.

Anyway, let’s get on with the links. Let’s start with Lacey Chabert who is apparently still making movies which is something that I didn’t know.

Not only is Samuel L. Jackson making surprise cameos on Agents of SHIELD but he’s also getting us hyped for The Avengers 2. He’s spilled the beans that the talented Olsen sister will be the Scarlet Witch. (Flickering Myth)

Believe it or not, Jennifer Lawrence was often told to lose weight if she wanted to have a Hollywood career. She has some very me-like words for those folks. (The Guardian)

There are growing rumours about who has auditioned for a part in Star Wars: Episode VII. It seems like just about everyone is going to be in this movie. (The Mary Sue)

Coming soon to Colombian TV near you, it’s the Colombian remake of Breaking Bad about meth dealer Walter Blanco. (EW)

Speaking of Breaking Bad, Norm MacDonald has a theory about that finale. (Uproxx)

The Playmakers was ESPN’s first and only foray into scripted dramatic programming. It was a critical darling but only lasted one season thanks to the NFL. (TD Daily)

In news that should shock no one, Nathan Fillion is moving across the production lot to film a guest spot on Community. (TV Line)

Sinéad O’Connor wrote an open letter to Miley Cyrus warning her that people are selling her sexuality for money and that she shouldn’t let them. She’s right, you know. (The Guardian)

Speaking of Miley Cyrus, Michael Jordan watched that 23 music video. Not a fan. (With Leather)

Speaking of basketball, the Toronto Raptors are hosting the 2016 NBA All-Star Game. The Ontario government is giving MLSE $500,000 to host the game. MLSE should have to pay that much for hiring Drake as a consultant. (CP24)

Guyism compiled their list of the 50 greatest Simpsons episodes of all-time. Not surprisingly, the list has episodes from only the first eight seasons. (Guyism)

How many times did Jesse say “bitch” in Breaking Bad? Fewer times than you’d think.

A Star Wars fan has four simple rules for making the next Star Wars trilogy great again. I actually think this is a very good and very reasonable list.


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