Sunday Link-Off: Courting Controversy

anna-kendrick-gq13-01It’s the end of the week and hopefully we can get the blog running like normal next week. Okay, this blog you won’t notice it on but on et geekera you will. Well, the IndyCar report will be back this week with some F1 too. Speaking of normal things on the blog, here’s Anna Kendrick who is one of our favourite women in the world.

What does it say when The Onion makes the most compelling argument for military intervention in Syria? (The Onion)

If you work for Glenn Beck and use eco-friendly lightbulbs, you’re going to lose your job. (Yahoo)

It’s the article that has everyone talking. It’s Rolling Stone’s profile of former NFL player and accused murderer Aaron Hernandez. (Rolling Stone)

Did you know that North Korea has a serious drug problem? Recent estimates say that up to two-thirds of North Koreans have used meth. (CNN)

In today’s kind of odd and kind of sad news, a study says that men see their significant other’s successes as their failure. Boy, men have fragile egos. (New York Magazine)

I didn’t see it live but folks sure seem worked up over the controversy over Scott Dixon’s penalty in last week’s IndyCar race. (Racer)

ESPN isn’t likely to be a bastion of journalistic integrity if they’re going to let the leagues that they pay to broadcast games dictate their coverage. (Deadspin)

Speaking of ESPN, they’re one of five channels broadcasting NFL games this year. Here’s a preview of each of their coverage plans for this season. (Sports Illustrated)

The WWE appears to be writing their best feud since Hogan vs. Savage in the run up to WrestleMania V. (The Masked Man)

Toronto Maple Leafs star Nazem Kadri hasn’t signed a contract with the Leafs yet. The media aren’t worried for some reason. (The Score)

With the players off the ice because insurance costs too much, what exactly are the Team Canada Olympic hockey hopefuls doing at the orientation camp? (Down Goes Brown)

Keith Olbermann absolutely eviscerates Pete Prisco over a dumb column about concussions in the NFL. Whether you like KO’s politics or not, he’s definitely one of the best in the biz.

Just for fun, here’s a Thomas The Tank Engine crash compilation.

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