Sunday Link-Off: Foreign Relations

emily-ratajkowski-nastygirl13-14It’s the end of the week which means that it’s time for the links. I’m starting to worry that I’m spreading myself a little thin since I’m struggling for ideas for posts. I’ll figure something out. I usually do.

For now, it’s time for the links. Since Blurred Lines has been declared the song of the summer, here’s Emily Ratajkowski who starred in that music video.

The GOP is so hell-bent on killing the Affordable Care Act that they’re threatening to shut down government to get rid of it. I think they’ve lost all touch with reality. (New York Magazine)

Old white men on news TV tend to be the worst. This includes Lawrence O’Donnell who you’d think wouldn’t be bad because he’s on MSNBC but he can be idiotic like the rest of the old white men on TV. (New Republic)

Sir Stephen Fry wrote a powerful letter to the IOC explaining why they shouldn’t just let Russia persecute homosexuals. (Gawker)

Lost in all the other news was that the a big section of the Voting Rights Act was struck down by the US Supreme Court. Here’s a look at some acts of voter discrimination that didn’t happen because of the VRA. (Mother Jones)

How did the US find out about Al Qaeda’s latest plans? They listened in on an Al Qaeda conference call. (Daily Beast)

So a convicted drug dealer broke into Rob Ford’s home to demand money. This crack tape story just doesn’t go away. Nor does it get any less interesting. (Toronto Sun)

Is it a big deal that President Obama is on vacation right now. Well, he’s actually only taken about 25% of what President Bush took by this point of his second term and half of President Reagan’s. (Washington Post)

Race in the NFL has been a growing topic of discussion. Here’s a look at race inside the Detroit Lions locker room. (Detroit News)

Grantland is doing a “how to fix” series. The latest edition covers the NHL. (McIndoe)

Ilya Kovalchuk retiring isn’t the only problem the New Jersey Devils have. It looks like the team is pretty well broke. (Forbes)

Just for different, here’s a look at the history of pro wrestling’s favourite steakhouse, Ribera Steakhouse in Japan. (

Shark Week hasn’t made Discovery Channel too many new friends. A lot of people were pissed off that they ran a fake documentary on what’s supposed to be a factual science channel. (Time)

Since everybody loves A-Rod so much, here’s the A-Rod anti-highlight reel.

One man is taking justice into his own hands to recover an Amazon package from his front door.

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