Wednesday Link-Off: A Media Dynasty

constance-jablonski-hm13-05Middle of the week links time. No time to waste so let’s get to the links. Since I just finished working on my review of Remember Me, here’s French model Constance Jablonski.

You know why you shouldn’t name anything after sharks? Because the puns are too easy when you jump the shark. Right, Discovery Channel. (Discover Magazine)

The family dynasty at the Washington Post is done now that the paper has been sold to boss Jeffrey Bezos. (Washington Post)

And the sale of the Post to a dot-commer like Bezos should help with innovation in the traditional media without compromising the paper’s journalistic credibility. (The New Republic)

The Republicans are such classy folks. A GOP Super PAC has come up with a flash site where you slap Hilary Clinton. Yeah, we’ll take you guys seriously because of that. (BuzzFeed)

A while back, baseball thought it had a safety problem with maple bats. Here’s how they fixed their broken bat epidemic. (NPR)

Well, Bud Selig hasn’t completely ended A-Rod’s career but a year-and-a-half long suspension should do a pretty good job of ending it. So here’s A-Rod’s career by the numbers. (The Fiscal Times)

Managers voted for the best players in baseball right now. My Tigers did pretty well in this poll. (Baseball America)

Former reliever John Rocker did an AMA yesterday. It was a train wreck. (Reddit)

The Masked Man continues his look at wrestling shoot with Brian Pillman. If you know who Pillman is, he isn’t responsible for one famous shoot but a few years of his career was a massive shoot. (The Triangle)

Ilya Bryzgalov has moved to the Swedish league where he’s pursuing his interest in astronomy. (The Score)

Did you know that The 12th Doctor was in a punk band with Craig Ferguson? How can you not like him already? (The AV Club)

I haven’t seen anything spectacular from YouTube’s geek week but at least we have CM Punk teaching people grammar. It’s about time someone taught the internet a lesson.


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