Wednesday Link-Off: I Spy…

ewelina-olczak-self13-02It’s the middle of the week which means it’s time for links. Since we’re doing all sorts of video games and E3 coverage everywhere else on the blog and et geekera, there won’t be much gaming in this set of links. We do, however, have Polish model Ewelina Olczak.

We’ve briefly mentioned the NSA’s massive data monitoring program called PRISM. Now, meet the man who blew the whistle on the program and became the NSA’s #1 enemy. (The Guardian)

President Obama is getting a lot of the blame for a program that started in 2007. Ironically, in 2001, he warned that a PRISM-like system was possible under the Patriot Act. (BuzzFeed)

Political analyst extraordinaire Nate Silver thinks that this will play an issue in the 2016 election. (New York Times)

Facebook was one of those companies giving info to the NSA. So why are you still on there? (Time)

The New Yorker put together a very good photo essay of Robert F. Kennedy on the campaign trail. (The New Yorker)

Darren Rovell is ESPN’s resident competition underminer- I mean, sports business analyst. His primary job duties involve trying to make the NBC Sports Network look like a joke. Basically, he’s a legitimized Awful Announcing. (The Sherman Report)

The World Cup is next year but the host Brazilians are plummeting in the world rankings. What’s going wrong? (Wall Street Journal)

Game of Thrones wrapped up its third season last Sunday. To mark the occasion, here’s a ranking of all thirty episodes. Naturally, the ninth episodes of each season make up the top three episodes. (BuzzFeed)

Even Erin Brockovich gets busted for boating while impaired every now and then. (The Daily Mail)

Have you thought that running would be a good way to get into shape? You should probably reconsider. (Medium)

What happens when two local morning show anchors don’t like each other? An on-air catfight. [Ed. Note: Not a literal fight.]

We didn’t start the viral… Yadda yadda… So on and so forth. You sing-along.


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