Entertainment Link-Off: Into Darkness

alice eveThis weekend marks the release of Star Trek Into Darkness. Given that The Great Gatsby has not been able top Iron Man, perhaps Captain Kirk and crew can. Anyway, kicking off the latest ELO is a new addition to the Enterprise crew, Alice Eve. 

After the jump, some Kickstarter related stuff, Avengers stuff, Modern Family gets a cable network makeover, a few movie trailers to see and JJ Abrams takes some suggestions for the next Star Wars movie.

We have all been duped. Looks like Zach Braff looked for funding elsewhere in addition to Kickstarter to help finance his next movie Wish I Was Here. (Slashfilm) Well according to the latest update, it might not be the case though and the film might still rely on the money you’ve donated.

While we’re on the topic of Kickstarter, Brian Grazer wants to use that format to get you to help fund the Friday Night Lights movie. This is really starting to become a slippery slope isn’t it? (Deadline)

Damon Lindelof makes quite the good comment on why Justice League has failed to make it to the big screens. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Joss Whedon talks about Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch and how Iron Man can still be involved in The Avengers sequel. (IGN)

According to Karl Urban, the sequel to Dredd 3D might not be out of the question if the fans demand it. (Collider)

Vin Diesel reveals that Fast and Furious 7 will kick off a new trilogy for the franchise. (Hit Fix)

Modern Family gets a cable makeover! It’s available for public viewing but perhaps it’s no longer family friendly though. (Deadline)

Don’t you just love Alison Brie? The Community star is always so candid about her past sexcapades and random nude moments… heck there might just be some nude pictures of her floating around the interwebs as we speak! At least that’s what she said. (Zap2it)

Off a small little bet with George Lucas, it seems like Steven Speilberg is still raking in the cash from it all thanks to Star Wars. (Celebrity Networth)

Ever thought that the Zombieland TV show would be a hit given that the film generated quite the fanbase? Turns out, Amazon dropped the show. Why? Because it was hated out of existence and the creator is now fuming. (Slashfilm)

Friday Night Lights star Michael B. Jordan is rumoured to be Johnny Storm in the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot. While many cheered for him to be cast, there were some unhappy fans about having a black Human Torch. His response? “It’s 2013.” C’mon folks, get with the times already. (USA Today)

Found footage sci-fi thriller Europa Report has a new trailer and we finally get a better look at what happens in the movie. Of course, given that this is a movie, something has to go pear shape in the space exploration mission. (Apple)

A look at 10 shocking pilot rejects that didn’t make the cut for this fall TV season. (Entertainment Weekly)

Over at The CW, the Wonder Woman series gets a second chance while their Hunger Games knock-off is officially dead. (Hit Fix)

Youtube star Sam Tsui released his debut album earlier this week and in this interview he talks about his music and why he turned down major record label offers and stuck to Kickstarter and an independent release instead. (The Wrap)

It’s more of the same thing in the final theatrical trailer for The Hangover Part III.

More awesome robot action in the new Pacific Rim trailer.

It’s back to his humble beginnings. Looks like Riddick is looking more like a rehash of Pitch Black as the title character is fighting off aliens in the dark once again.

Extended trailer for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is here. See if you want to catch it on Tuesday nights this fall.

JJ Abrams takes some fan suggestions for the next Star Wars movie from the audience at Jimmy Kimmel Live. Hilarious stuff.


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