Montreal’s gamesbymo Needs Your Help to Make A.N.N.E

anne-logoEvery once in a while on our sister site et geekera, we cover some of the more interesting offerings on Kickstarter. For Canadian Gaming Week, we thought that we would do a Kickstarter preview of our own.

Montreal indie studio gamesbymo is the one-man operation of developer Moise Breton. He’s taking to Kickstarter to get funding to complete work on his latest project called A.N.N.E.

In A.N.N.E, you play as No. 25 who travels to the Planet Gomi to rescue his girlfriend A.N.N.E. You can travel Gomi on foot or in your ship, The Great Whale, to find A.N.N.E and save her.

anne-screenshot-01Mo (Moise Breton) describes the games as Metroidvania meets Gradius in a 16-bit style game. That doesn’t include the fact that the game is like an open-world RPG that includes the ability to create your own path, a currency system, a leveling up mechanic, ship customization and elemental attacks.

A.N.N.E also has some pretty cool stretch rewards on top of the base $70,000 funding goal. At $100,000, you can play as A.N.N.E rescuing No. 25. A local co-op mode gets added at $160,000. There’s also a super-secret “insanity milestone” at $350,000. I’d quite like to know what that is. Also, as more money is raised, A.N.N.E will be ported to other platforms like Ouya, PSN and Wii U.

Gamesbymo is looking to raise $70,000 for A.N.N.E by May 22nd. The targeted release date of the game is early to mid 2014.

Source: Kickstarter

This week is Canadian Gaming Week on The Lowdown Blog. For more, check out the Canadian Gaming Week tag.

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