The Geth are More Popular Than the Quarians and Other Mass Effect 3 Stats (Infographic)

As part of their Mass Effect retrospective panel at PAX East, BioWare released an infographic detailing the decisions made by players. They didn’t reveal stats like completion rate or which ending was chosen (for obvious reasons) but they did detail the most popular classes, FemShep vs. BroShep, paragon vs. renegade, the favourite squadmates and even total single player play time across the community.


As an added bonus, we also have the final Mass Effect 3 multiplayer statistics infographic. It’s funny reading this because almost none of these statistics describe me. I usually play sentinel and adept with infiltrators being a recent fascination. I primarily use shotguns or pistols. I complete over 90% of my games but at least my highest failure rate is against the Collectors. At least I kinda fall in line with one statistic.


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