Thursday Link-Off: Form an Opinion

anais-pouliot-eres13-02I did tell you on Sunday that we’d be a day late with this week’s set of mid-week links. I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s history of Mass Effect 3 post. That’s not the end of our Mass Effect coverage because we’ll have a review of the Citadel DLC next week. But for now, here’s Canadian model Anais Pouliot.

Have you ever wondered how you formed an opinion about an article or author? It may have to do with the contents of the comment section. (New York Times)

People think social media is a good proxy for public opinion but a comparison of public opinion and Twitter opinion shows Twitter generally skews more liberal. (Pew Research Centre)

Hugo Chavez died this week. If you want to know more about the former leader of Venezuela and his legacy, the Economist has you covered. (The Economist)

She’s only been on The Newsroom for a season but Olivia Munn already knows more about how the news media and journalism should work than CNN’s top anchors and reporters. And she’s right, too. (Pajiba)

Speaking of which, how has the Huffington Post made it big? By promising “exposure” to writers working for free only for said writers to get little exposure and no money. That’s basically a con job. (FiveThirtyEight)

Jimmy Kimmel’s has a big profile in Rolling Stone this month. It’s a really good read. (Rolling Stone)

So Speed is dead and Fox Sports 1 will rise from its ashes. It’s not a surprise but I’d still like to say fuck Fox Sports for destroying what was a once great channel. (Awful Announcing)

Greatest buzzer beater ever? Greatest buzzer beater ever. (Deadspin)

Kobe Bryant is one of the greatest basketball players ever but isn’t happy with relying on natural ability. Last summer, he was up as early as 4:00 AM practicing before an 11:00 AM scrimmage. You see, Kobe actually works at it. (Business Insider)

I love the Pajiba open letters to Taylor Swift. They’re funny because they’re true. (Pajiba)

Former Dick Cavett show writer Sandra Harmon says that she slept with many of the show’s guests. I say more power to her. (Uproxx)

This week hasn’t been a good week for games on the bubble. One of the games with the biggest buzz coming out of E3 2012 was Star Wars: 1313. However, it looks like it may not actually get made. (Kotaku)

There’s a little bit of a fight brewing over the accuracy of the original report but it looks like the Dead Space franchise may be over after missing sales targets. (et geekera)

How much do you know about wealth inequality in America? It’s far worse that most people suspect.

Stop all the Harlem Shake videos. This is best one made. Ever. It’s over. Shut it down.


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