Entertainment Link-Off: Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum

eleanor-tomlinson-jackthegiantslayer13-01This wouldn’t be a bad weekend to play catch-up at the theatres or just watch the trailers. This weekend’s wide releases aren’t exactly hits with critics. Just when you were worried that everyone would try to be The Hangover, 21 & Over proves that films now want to be Project X which is great if you run a torrent site. The Last Exorcism Part II is out which begs the question of if anyone can remember The Last Exorcism Part I. Stoker is reasonably well reviewed but I’m not sure it’s actually a wide release.

That leaves Jack and The Giant Slayer, another movie with a “dark” take on a fairy tale. It’s not getting great reviews but it’s being better received than the rest of the wide releases. That’s what happens when you give Obi-Wan Kenobi a lead role. Also in a lead role is relative newcomer Eleanor Tomlinson.

After the jump, the latest on some sci-fi and fantasy sequels, the buzz about the upcoming Superman re-reboot, some Marvel comic book movie news and more.

Despite the remake of Evil Dead hitting theatres in the near future, Sam Raimi is reaching back to the pen and paper… well maybe the computer screen to write up the continuation of his franchise Evil Dead 4. A remake + a continuation of the original franchise. That sounds exciting! (Bleeding Cool)

Looks like the wait to see the conclusion to The Hobbit will just have to be a bit longer as the final film of the series has been pushed back. (Deadline)

Getting a better glimpse of this visually stunning post-apocalyptic sci-fi flick Oblivion. The third trailer is out and we get a better look into this version of Earth. (Apple)

The sequel to Prometheus is definitely moving ahead, according to an update from star Noomi Rapace. (The Playlist)

Early buzz indicates that Man of Steel kicks all sorts of ass! (Joblo)

The villain count just keeps piling up for the next The Amazing Spider-Man flick. Let’s hope it won’t end up being disastrous like Spider-Man 3. (Screen Rant)

Movies that have way too many sequels. (Popdose)

Good news! Looks like the C-Dub is bringing back Whose Line is it Anyway? Bad news? The original lineup isn’t exactly intact. (Coming Soon)

The Disneyland in Hong Kong is small and is rather bland compared to the other locations around the world but there is always a silver lining. Disney is looking to add a special Marvel themed section as part of the expansion going on at the theme park. (Wall Street Journal)

Seth MacFarlane isn’t interested in hosting the Oscars again. Given the mixed reaction he has gotten from the viewers, I am not entirely surprised. (Slashfilm)

Fans of The Office UK watch out! David Brent is back! Check out the preview for The Office Revisited.

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