Sunday Link-Off: A Leg to Stand On

jasmine-tookes-victoriassecret13-07Good news! I’m finally back at Lowdown HQ after being away for the last month or so. Hopefully I can pick things up a bit instead and drop a few more original posts and opinion columns. But since it’s Sunday, it’s time for the links. First, it’s new Victoria’s Secret model Jasmine Tookes.

So you’ve probably heard quite a bit about the Oscar Pistorius case but aren’t quire sure what happened. Here’s a graphic that illustrates what Pistorius says he did. Drawing it out this way sure raises some questions. (National Post)

But while this it seems as though Pistorius’ case doesn’t have a leg to stand on, the culture of South Africa means that this case is far more complex than we give it credit for. (Toronto Star)

Another famous athlete charged with murder gives his opinion. What does OJ think of this case? (Kinston Free Press)

You know that rumour that the Friends of Hamas paid Secretary of Defence nominee Chuck Hagel for a speaking engagement? That was a rumour started because of a joke question that a reporter asked his source. (New York Daily News)

But even if Hagel was paid to speak by a Hamas sympathizing group, he wouldn’t be the first one. Several prominent members of Presidential administrations are in the same boat. (Mother Jones)

Given the debate over the legality of Matt Cooke’s hit on Erik Karlsson, now’s a good time to look at the various levels of dirty hockey. (McIndoe) has a shot tracker so you can see the quality of chances your team is getting. The problem is that the people who put together the shot tracker are shit at their job. (Eyes On The Prize)

It’s safe to assume the 2014 NHL Winter Classic will be Toronto vs. Detroit in Michigan Stadium. Given that it’s just a 12-month delay of this year’s Winter Classic, it’s not surprising that we’re already seeing jerseys leaking. (Sports Logos)

The only time I’ve ever heard of rapper Wale is when Will.I.Am was incorrectly identified as Wale at President Obama’s election night event in Chicago by a local reporter. As such, I can understand why Raps play-by-play man Matt Devlin didn’t know who the fuck Wale was. (The Big Lead)

NASCAR held a Modifieds race on the backstraight track at Daytona on Tuesday. The problem was that it was a complete gong show. (Jalopnik)

Speaking of NASCAR, there was a big wreck at the end of yesterday’s Nationwide Series race on the full oval at Daytona that resulted in a car launching into the fence and debris flying into the stands. Here’s the latest. (Deadspin)

The WWE reintroduced wrestler Jack Swagger with a Tea Party gimmick. Actual Tea Baggers are offended. The offensive and racist portrayal and treatment of every foreigner is still okay, though. (With Leather)

Norway is an odd place. A new, highly controversial TV series debut in Norway with 20% of the population tuning in and several complaints made. It was a show about chopping firewood. (New York Times)

Even though he wasn’t in the comics, Daryl Dixon might be the best character in The Walking Dead universe. So is his actor Norman Reedus. (Warming Glow)

If you couldn’t get to the Star Trek: TNG reunion, don’t worry. Here’s a quick recap of the more memorable moments. (The Mary Sue)

I think I mentioned a couple of months ago that a Hulk Hogan branded restaurant (sadly not a new Pastamania) was opening in Tampa. Turns out that it’s shit. (Tampa Bay Times)

I know it’s bullshit that wrestling got dropped from the Olympics but they couldn’t drop table tennis in case crazy shit like this happened.

Did you miss the PS4 announcement? Here’s the Cole’s Notes version of the event. Alternatively, you could just read about it over on et geekera.

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