Entertainment Link-Off: Yippe Ki-Yay WTF

emmy rossumLooks like a weekend of rotten films at the silver screens. Normally I would plug A Good Day to Die Hard, but word has it, the film is a major step back compared to all the past Die Hard films. Well, I guess you could check out Beautiful Creatures, but not for the storyline though. It’s for the eye candy… namely Emmy Rossum.

After the jump, some progress on Hunger Games flicks, new interesting concept art for Pacific Rim, watch the special hilarious special of Between Two Ferns, watch Vin Diesel belt out one of Rihanna’s tunes and watch Wreck It Ralph in live action!

The screenplay for the 1st part of the final chapter of The Hunger Games is done! Second part now underway. (Slashfilm)

Some interesting concept art from Pacific Rim! One of them features a giant skull! (Total Film)

Don Cheadle all suited up for the new Iron Man 3 poster. (Twitter)

New Oblivion trailer shows more of the same, but it still looks like a visually stunning fun sci-fi film. (MSN)

Watch the Oscar special for Zach Galifinackis’ Between Two Ferns featuring many special guests! (Funny or Die 1) (Funny or Die 2)

Good news if you liked Skyfall. Director Sam Mendes might be returning to direct the next Bond film. Bad news, it might miss the intended release date in 2014. (Collider)

Mark your calendars. Hannibal is gonna take a bite off your TV schedule on April 4th. (TV Line)

Bill Maher writes a nice little tribute to Seth Macfarlane. (Vanity Fair)

Turns out Scarlett Johansson lost out on the role of Fantine to Anne Hathaway in Les Mis! (Broadway.com)

For some spoilery goodness, here’s a tidbit on Jason Statham’s involvement with the 7th Fast and Furious film. (AICN)

The new Fast and Furious 6 trailer is out! Think of it as a smaller cut of the special preview released on Super Bowl weekend.

Speaking of Vin Diesel, he posted a random video of him singing along to Rihanna’s tune Stay.

Watch Wreck it Ralph in 60 seconds AND in live action!

Check out the sizzling extended preview for the midseason episodes of Arrow. The most impressive one on the CW lot so far this year.

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