Wednesday Link-Off: Check Your Facts

It’s the middle of the week which means it’s time to catch up on some of the more interesting headlines and news from the week so far. For the second week running, let’s kick off with Canadian actress Nina Dobrev. See, I checked that fact before writing.

It turns out that the Bush White House had plenty of lead time with warnings about a potential terrorist attack ahead of 9/11. For some reason, these warnings from CIA were ignored. (New York Times)

Mitt Romney is starting to change tactics when it comes to his campaign. Now, he’s taking baseless personal shots at Obama over religion. (Talking Points Memo)

The Romney/Ryan campaign wants to cut spending overall but increase defence spending. So isn’t it funny that Congressman Ryan voted for $1 trillion of defence cuts in 2011? (Think Progress)

After the jump, more political lies, the return of Iron Chef and the origin of internet memes.

In other completely baseless position clarifications, Mitt Romney said he liked parts of Obamacare and then changed his mind. (Mother Jones)

When asked how a Romney White House would pay for a massive tax cut for the rich, Paul Ryan could come up with a straight answer. (Politicus USA)

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan aren’t the only Republicans who have issues with facts. Senator Rand Paul can’t believe that George W. Bush hired more government workers than President Obama. (Think Progress)

With all the blatant lies this election campaign, the fact-checkers are fighting back with full force. (CraigConnects)

Even Larry Flynt is committed to facts in politics. He’s offering $1 million for people with info on Mitt Romney’s tax returns. (BuzzFeed)

There was a very scary moment on Monday night’s episode of WWE Raw when commentator and occasional wrestler Jerry Lawler had a heart attack. Fortunately, he’s in stable condition. (Grantland)

James Mirtle takes a look at the current state of the NHL’s collective bargaining negotiations. If you were hoping for hockey to start on time this season, you aren’t likely to be happy. (Globe and Mail)

One of my favourite sports books is Ron Luciano’s The Umpire Strikes Back. Here’s a look at the eeriness of the book given that he committed suicide in 1995. (The Classical)

GREAT NEWS! Iron Chef is coming back to Japan. I love that show. (Kotaku)

Two network TV morning shows showed the moment of silence for 9/11. NBC interviewed Kris Jenner about her breast implants. They really are a 4th-place network. (TV Newser)

If there’s one video game company that is both profitable and can do no wrong with their customers, it’s Valve. Here’s a profile of the company that’s made a name for itself in both game development and distribution. (New York Times)

Steam is trying to make the jump to your living room. It’s not through the rumoured Steam Box console, though. It’s through a new Steam “Big Picture” mode. (Kotaku)

Ever wonder where various internet memes came from? Here’s a video compiling the origins of some of the more popular memes.

For some reason, Tony Bourdain reads from Snooki’s book. There’s something mildly comical about him reading something so ridiculous.

A guy streaked a high school football game. Unlike most streakers, this one had a plan and an escape car at the ready.


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