Entertainment Link-Off: Ride Like Hell

Got two chase movies out this weekend. There’s Kristen Bell teaming up with her partner Dax Shepard in Hit and Run. In the other corner, there’s Joseph Gordon-Levitt trying to outrun some bad guys on his bike in Premium Rush. The latter looks a bit better and it certainly helps that Jamie Chung is in the movie as well.

After the jump, no more Expendables for Chuck Norris, what if Tim Burton designed some Pokemons, Jimmy Kimmel is the new late night TV king and watch David So parody Psy’s Gangnum Style.

It looks like just one installment of The Expendables is enough for Chuck Norris. Don’t expect him to be back for another one. Perhaps he was upset the film got a ‘R rating’? (Dark Horizons)

Imagine what would happen if Tim Burton designed Pokemon? Let’s just say they won’t look as cute as they do right now… (Badass Digest)

So Arrested Development may be headed back to the TV screen in spring 2013, but the original slated 10 episode run might be extended by a bit… if David Cross is correct. (The Playlist)

Good news, if you want to catch The Hobbit in this new ’48 frames per second’ format, you wouldn’t have to pay more than checking it out in the conventional 24 fps. Bad news, if you want to watch it in 3D, you’re still forking out the extra cash. (Variety)

Are there enough female action stars to create their own version of The Expendables? (Slashfilm)

The Killing just might not stay dead. Netflix and/or DirecTV to the rescue? (TV Line)

When Steve Carell left The Office, the show was on borrowed time. Now the long-running comedy is coming to a close after the 9th season. (Entertainment Weekly)

A guide to how to tell whether a TV show is any good based on its pilot episode. (io9)

Jimmy Kimmel, the new king of late night television. (The Hollywood Reporter)

I didn’t even know these two Canadian ‘rock stars’ were going out in the first place. Now that I know… I wish I didn’t read about it in the first place. (JoBlo)

Let the randomness continue, how The Dark Knight Rises should have ended.

Fan-made Captain Planet faux trailer. Now if only they got Don Cheadle to appear in this one as the ridiculously badass version of the ultimate tree hugger.

Korean singer Psy has created quite the following with his latest single Gangnum Style. In fact, it has inspired this hilarious parody featuring quite a few of your recognizable Youtube stars. Check it out.

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