Wednesday Link-Off: Dangers of the World

Looks like Steve is away for the day and that means I’ll be stepping in for your latest edition of the Wednesday Link-Off. Wait! Don’t run away! Damn it! Well for those that are still around, let’s see what I have pulled up for the weird and wacky over the past few days. Let’s start off the WLO with popular cosplayer Jessica Nigri as Harley Quinn at this year’s Comic-Con.

After the jump 9 healthy alcoholic drinks to consume, don’t surf in Western Australia, people just don’t know how to name their kids anymore, there’s a boom in the sexual activity among 50+ folks, don’t go driving in Russia, listen to a disgruntled Leafs fan sing a song about his favourite team and watch the entire Firefly panel at this year’s Comic Con.

Wanna get drunk but not completely destroy your health? Perhaps you should consider consuming some, if not all, of the 9 healthiest alcoholic drinks. (Gizmodo)

Australia’s west coast is one of the deadliest shark attack zones in the world and yet people still think it’s a good idea to go surf there. If the film Jaws didn’t scare you away from surfing, perhaps news of a 24 year old man being bitten in half by a great white shark in Western Australia should do the trick. (Yahoo)

You know the future of America is going down the drain when they start naming their kids like this… (Deadspin)

So much for checking out hot people in the beaches of Brazil. Turns out, the people there are getting fat too. (The Toronto Star)

Watch out. There is a slight possibility that your grandparents might be getting more action in the bedroom than you! (The Grid)

The FDA has approved a new drug to prevent HIV but it’s going to cost you. So how does $14000 a year sound? (Associated Press)

Instagram is all the rage right now as quite a few people are using this popular photo app. Curious as to what the first photo ever uploaded onto Instagram was? You can find out here! (The Next Web)

There’s a healthy man who lives a fairly normal life and is a father of two. The weird part is that he gets turned on while being breastfed by his wife. I guess he should be glad that his wife finds it equally arousing. (Jezebel)

Could it be? There’s a new Microsoft Office that’s actually good?!?! (Gizmodo)

Here’s a fun list of 10 countries with the worst drivers. Topping this one is Russia because… in Soviet Russia, car drives you! (Jalopnik)

Ok, so we all understand you can’t have weapons of mass destruction on an airplane but apparently even weapons of mass conception can be an issue too. The TSA at a San Francisco airport mistakenly recognized a man’s large penis as a pistol. It probably doesn’t help that this man is also known to have the world’s largest penis at the moment. (Huffington Post)

Americans are such funny creatures. They are angry because their Olympic uniforms are not made within the States yet hardly any of their clothing are made within the States to begin with. Might as well attend the ceremonies in the nude. (Gawker)

Now we all know that airplane food is bad, but Delta Airlines has somehow made it worse. If you fly business class and order a sandwich, be on the lookout for sewing needles inside! (AJC)

I would put Steve to the test here but then he would just scream a bunch of expletives over. Anyway, are you curious about how you rank in the global fat scale? Fill out this meme and find out! (BBC)

Disgruntled Leafs fans can relate to this while the rest of us will just laugh at those in the Blue and White. Here’s Andrew Damelin voicing his displeasure with the club via a song called “Franchise I Used to Know”. Please ignore the fact that he doesn’t exactly have the best vocal chops and just pay attention to the hilarious lyrics.

We don’t really need another Call Me Maybe cover, but when the Star Wars characters are the ones that are “covering” the tune from Carly Rae Jepsen, it’s suddenly become a must share video.

Time to geek out! Firefly is one of Lowdown’s favourite shows and it’s certainly something we miss seeing on the small screen. Can’t believe it has been 10 years since the show’s release. To commemorate such an occasion, there was a special panel for the show at this year’s Comic-Con! To those that weren’t fortunate enough to attend, you can catch the panel in its entirety here.


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