Entertainment Link-Off: Geek Out!

Nothing fancy out in theatres this weekend unless you’re into the whole Ice Age series. Perhaps it will be a good weekend to just catch up on the films that you’ve missed out on previously. It’s also Comic-Con weekend, so those that are lucky enough to take part in the event can go geek out over in San Diego instead. Anyway let’s kick off this edition of the ELO with Mila Kunis who is starring in the hit comedy Ted. She’s also appearing at this year’s Comic-Con so be on the lookout!

After the jump, a sneak peek at upcoming films like Pacific Rim, Elysium, Oz: The Great and the Powerful and The Hobbit, a few more tidbits on The Dark Knight Rises, fanboys vs. fangirls, Aaron Sorkin teaches you how to make movies and finally Gary Oldman channels his inner R. Kelly.

Catch a look at the Bugatti spaceship from the upcoming film Elysium! (Slashfilm)
Lots of trouble behind-the-scenes for the film World War Z! On the bright side, Drew Goddard of Cabin in the Woods fame is being brought in to rewrite the ending. (Deadline)DC wants to follow the success that Marvel’s had with The Avengers as they start planning for a Justice League film. Problem is, there’s not much in the works as Man of Steel is the only DC comic film that will be released over the next three years aside from The Dark Knight Rises. (LA Times)Another image from Pacific Rim. Still anxiously waiting for a look at the actual robots in action. (Bleeding Cool)

Though you would get some idea of what the robots are like from this poster. (Slashfilm)

Because film adaptation of novels want to cover as much detail as possible *cough* making more money off of consumers *cough*. The final installment of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay will be released in two separate parts in November 2014 and 2015. (Deadline)

Ice Age takes a page from The Muppets to promote their latest film by doing a quasi-parody of another big release. In this case, they attempt to channel something from The Dark Knight Rises. (Coming Soon)

Take a look at this amazing scroll from The Hobbit, which shows 10 scenes from the movie! It includes a first look at the man-bear Beorn. (Entertainment Weekly)

Courtesy of Comic-Con 2012, have a look at the character posters from The Hobbit. (Slashfilm)

The trailer of Sam Raimi’s Oz: The Great and the Powerful is out. Not much to say about the story but at least the film looks like a fun visual-fest. (Apple)

While the movie doesn’t exactly scream “sequel” by the end, the box office numbers seem to dictate that Magic Mike is in need of a followup and Channing Tatum is totally up for it. (The Hollywood Reporter)

It’s happening! Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are back with The World’s End. Check out this nifty bar hopping teaser poster at Comic-Con. (Collider)

The trailer for The Man with the Iron Fists look badass and here is a list with 5 reasons to get excited about the movie. (What Culture)

Let Aaron Sorkin provide you with 6 tips regarding filmmaking. (Film School Rejects)

Comparing the characters of Harry Potter from the novel and films. They have all their differences… with the exception of one character. (Buzz Feed)

Pitting fanboys against fangirls. Who do you think will win the battle of the sexes? (JoBlo)

Go back to your high school English notes or visit the local library to dig up some old literature. Turns out The Dark Knight Rises took some inspiration from a certain Charles Dickens novel. (Coming Soon)

In anticipation of The Dark Knight Rises, you can take a look at this 13 minute featurette on the film.

Gary Oldman shows some more of his awesomeness. This time, he takes a crack at reading R. Kelly’s memoir.


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