Wednesday Link-Off: The Real Story

I’ve spent most of this week away from the interweb but hopefully have put together a halfway decent linkdump. In case I missed the mark, here’s Zoe Duchesne.

CNN and Fox News got the Obamacare decision horribly wrong in the race to be first with the news. They came first and finished last. Here’s how the SCOTUS decision played out in the media. (SCOTUS Blog)

Daniel Tosh is colossal douche. You have to be one to make jokes about a heckler getting gang raped. (Think Progress)

Before RIM CEO Thorsten Heins faced the wrath of shareholders, he answered the questions of the common folk. Well, he answered the softball questions of common folk. (The Globe and Mail)

After the jump, a look at the NASCAR drug policy, apparently there’s lots of sex in the Olympic Village and the viral video of the week.

No hitters and perfect games and other baseball feats are at the discretion of the official scorer. However, they are even more fallible than umpires… And Bud Selig. (New York Times)

Ex-Champ Car star and current NASCAR Sprint Cup driver AJ Allmendinger has been suspended for a drug infraction. So what exactly is NASCAR’s drug testing policy? (Sporting News)

If the inevitable Dwight Howard trade proves anything, it’ll be that the lockout was for nothing and that competitive balance will soon cease to exist. (SB Nation)

ESPN accidentally allowed people to provide their own answer to a Facebook poll about the Home Run Derby. Some of the answers were pretty good. (Deadspin)

Here’s your bi-annual look at the wild sex scene inside the Olympic Village. (New York Post)

Just for fun, here are the seven greatest Bill Murray stories of all-time. (Ranker)

Coming eventually to movie theatres near you: Independence Day 2: The Redomination. (Film Drunk)

Drew Magary applied to be on the amateur edition of Chopped. Please, God/Allah/Zeus/Xenu, make this happen. (Deadspin)

The trailer for 38 Studios’ Project Copernicus has “leaked.” It’s just a trailer but it doesn’t look awful. (Kotaku)

Slight Mad Studios’ Project CARS looks pretty damn good, even by racing game standards. I’m not just saying that because I’ve contributed to the project. (Unreality)

There’s a Firefly panel at Comic Con this weekend. To get you geeked (see what I did there?), here’s a collection of Firefly’s Chinese lines.

Sesame Street has the viral video of the week with a Call Me Maybe parody.

This could be the funniest racing fail in the history of fails.


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