Entertainment Link-Off: Work It All Night

It’s time for another edition of the Entertainment Link-Off. Opening this weekend, we got a talking teddy bear in the not-so-kid-friendly film Ted. For the ladies out there, a film on male strippers is hitting the screen courtesy of Magic Mike starring Channing Tatum and Alex Pettyfer. Well it’s not all for the ladies, there’s some eye candy for the guys since it also stars Olivia Munn and Cody Horn, who just happens to kick off this week’s ELO.

After the jump, the new Total Recall trailer, watch Seth MacFarlane in motion-capture, comparing Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter to the real Abraham Lincoln, Dora the Explorer can be surprisingly badass, new music video from Clara C and watch how Facebook is forcing their email down our throats.

The new Total Recall trailer has hit the interwebs. The new clip features more action scenes which might be doing a good enough job to convince us to check it out in theatres in August. (Yahoo)

Speaking of remakes, a less violent Starship Troopers might be in the works as well. (Empire)

Catch Seth MacFarlane in motion capture in this behind the scenes look at his latest flick Ted. (Funny or Die)

Since they brought up the topic of strippers with the release of Magic Mike this weekend, here’s a look at the 10 hottest strippers in film. Apparently a certain Community star tops this list… (JoBlo)

Good news, it looks like the entire cast of Community will be returning for the upcoming fourth season. (Collider)

It’s a case of Hollywood vs. history. Time to compare Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter to the real story. (Entertainment Weekly)

The new international trailer for Looper gives us a better idea of what the movie is about along with teasing us with a few more action set pieces. The film looks amazing and there’s added eye candy courtesy of Emily Blunt. What’s not to like? (MSN UK)

Pixar seems to be losing their magic touch when it comes to producing animated films lately. Here’s a ranking of the Pixar films and you’ll notice that the bottom of the barrel are composed of the newer releases… (Slashfilm)

Ever annoyed by certain patrons at the movie theatre? Well here’s a movie layout that should be put into effect. (The Oatmeal)

With so many trailers, teasers, TV spots and promotional videos out there, I guess you can say that we have seen a good chunk of the upcoming Spider-Man film! Well… not exactly, but there is 25 minutes of goodness out there that’s accumulated on the internet! (Screen Rant)

Modern Family star Ariel Winter takes on a new role in the faux trailer for Dora the Explorer. Who knew they could make a children show so badass? (College Humor)

New music from Clara C. Check out her latest music video for “Fish”.

This was released last week but it never gets old. For those looking for a good laugh, check out Timothydelaghetto’s dirty parody of “Call Me Maybe”

Facebook has released their own email services and realized that we all aren’t using it, so they have come up with a way to enforce it.

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