Wednesday Link-Off: Easy Writer

I wasn’t sure who to kick off this linkdump with but Fox kept telling me last night was the season finale of Glee. Given that the ads made it seem like most of the cast was “graduating” and that the show is terribly written, I doubt it’s long for this world. Anyway, since she’s likely soon to fade out of the public eye without steady network employment, here’s Lea Michele.

Tim Tebow needs new handlers and a new outlook on life. His handlers have requested the deletion of all pictures of him with female cast members of Rock of Ages. Tebow like women and musicals! How can he be the second coming if that’s the case? (Awful Announcing)

For some reason, Rick Reilly is still writing columns for ESPN. I don’t know how he’s still employed after turning in crap like this. (Deadspin)

Though there might be a scientific reason why Reilly’s columns seem so awful. I mean, beyond the writer. He’s writing his columns at a 5th grade level. (Deadspin)

After the jump, the worst baseball hitter ever, George Lucas gets revenge on his neighbours’ wallets and Will Smith (and everyone else) raps the Fresh Prince theme on live TV.

Who’s the latest rising star in the German hockey scene? A goalie named Patrick Fucker. Yes, that’s his name. (Sports Grid)

Claude Giroux has casts on both of his wrists but that’s not stopping him from enjoying himself. With two bad arms, he’ll still kick your ass at beer pong. (Crossing Broad)

I’ll admit that I was an atrocious hitter when I played baseball. That’s probably why I was such a good umpire. Anyway, I was nowhere near as bad a San Francisco Giants pitcher Santiago Casilla. (The Diamond’s Edge)

Are you a woman who wants to get a job in motorsports? Lindsay Orridge is a motorsports marketing executive (who once saved Tiff Needell from a mugging) has some advice for you. (Jalopnik)

Cornell has found a way to hack your brain so you don’t eat too many chips. An indicator of the serving size helps you stop eating sooner. (FastCo)

What’s Ridley Scott up to after Prometheus? It looks like he’ll be doing a Blade Runner sequel. Sadly, not with Harrison Ford. (Collider)

Kevin Smith is entering the realm of digital TV with his new show Spoilers which sounds like social media meets video. (Wired)

George Lucas isn’t vindictive but if since his neighbours won’t let him expand Skywalker Ranch, he’s lowering their property values by selling the land to a low-income housing project. It’s charitable revenge. (New York Times)

Google Plus’ failure appears to be complete. Brands have already abandoned it for Pinterest. (Ad Age) We’re on Pinterest too as LowdownBlog. We don’t actually use Pinterest but we’re there.

Nolan North is already in every video game produced. Now he’ll be in blockbuster movies too. JJ Abrams cast North in Star Trek 2 because he liked him as Nathan Drake in Uncharted. (Eurogamer)

In pseudo game news, you can now listen to Radiohead in 8-bit. (Nerdist)

What happens when you cross R2-D2 with GTA4? Some major robotic destruction.

I’ll have plenty to say about Mass Effect 3 in a couple of weeks. The ME2 review drops this Friday. In the meantime, let’s tide you over with a Mass Effect 3 trailer done using Minecraft.

Will Smith discusses the Fresh Prince and raps the theme song on the BBC.

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