Entertainment Link-Off: A Shadowy Future

Nobody panic. Oh, who am I kidding? If I’m covering the entertainment and pop culture beat, then you should probably be a bit concerned. That’s especially true considering the only major wide-release at the theatres this week is Tim Burton’s take on the classic TV series Dark Shadows. But it does have the slightly underrated Eva Green in it. At least Burton did something right.

Let’s kick this post off with some good news. So, GOOD NEWS! Community has been renewed for a fourth season. It’s only for 13 episodes but considering that NBC has ordered a series with Dane Cook and one with Matthew Perry, it’s not like Community could do comparably worse. (Hit Fix)

After the jump, more NBC news, more news about The Avengers, the latest on Prometheus and Nina Dobrev doing yoga.

Here’s a look at some of the other NBC shows that got cancelled and renewed. The full 22 episode order for Parks and Rec is absolutely mega news. (Hollywood Reporter)

Part three of the Blood and Ice Cream trilogy from the trio of Pegg, Frost and Wright is coming soon. Filming starts this fall with a target release date of Spring 2013. (Deadline)

Here’s a profile on the new Spider-man, Andrew Garfield. The fact that Jackie sent me this link makes me wonder… (VMan)

Avengers director Joss Whedon wrote an open letter to his fans to thank them for their support. I think we’re all just happy the man finally got the massive success that was coming his way. (/Film)

On a similar note, here’s a look at the amount of screen time each of The Avengers got in the movie. Surprisingly, it wasn’t RDJ who topped the list. (Geek Tyrant)

Did you know that the Pentagon was collaborating with Marvel on parts of The Avengers? The Pentagon backed out part way through because the movie was too unrealistic. It was a goddamn superhero movie! What were they expecting?! (Wired)

Good news! There’s a new Dacia coming to Britain! Wait, how’d that get in here? Anyway, good news! Ridley Scott’s Prometheus will be rated R for… Well, I can’t think of a creative and profane adjective. The best I can do is Rated R for “Really Fucking Awesome.” (Collider)

On that note, here’s a photo gallery of promo shots from Prometheus. Is it possible for Charlize Theron to not look amazing? (Pajiba)

A new show is set to take the crown of the most pirated TV show. But the people who pirate Game of Thrones are more than willing to accept a legitimate digital option if HBO was to provide it. (Tech Dirt)

While NBC was looking for big names to bolster its sitcom lineup, they might have passed up on a good sitcom from inside their own family. Here’s how former The Office writer and actor Mindy Kaling ended up on Fox. (Deadline)

Want to ask Biff Tannen about Back to the Future? He has a unique way of answering any possible question you might have. (Gawker)

An infographic about Bond girls? Why the hell not? (Cable TV)

Sacha Baron Cohen- I mean, Admiral General Aladeen made an appearance on The Daily Show.

Canada’s Nina Dobrev did some yoga while on Conan. I have to agree with Joel McHale. This is awesome.

Since Jackie is such a huge fan of Transformers, I figured that he would like this one-minute summary of the Michael Bay movie trilogy.

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