Entertainment Link-Off: Under The Influence

EVERYBODY PANIC! I’m covering for Jackie on this week’s Entertainment Link-Off and will once again bring my oddly bizarre twist on pop culture. God help you all. At least you get to experience my outstanding taste in post opening photos. For example, here’s Brooklyn Decker who stars in the upcoming summer blockbuster Battleship.

Let’s kick things off in a Jackie-esque way. Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz talks about the return of his cult favourite show. (Vulture)

After the jump, TV’s nostalgia kick, why Nicholas Sparks and Hollywood are going to ruin any chance you have of having a proper relationship and a Parks and Rec gag reel.

The New Yorker uses Mad Men as a reason to examine the importance of nostalgia in pop culture and entertainment. (New Yorker)

Not surprisingly, one of the places Hollywood goes to for ideas (since they no longer have their own) is the video game industry. Halo seemed like a certainty to go from the console to the big screen. Here’s how it all fell apart for Microsoft. (Wired)

Speaking of things falling apart, it was a near certainty that Charlie Sheen’s career had fallen apart when he got canned from Two And A Half Men. Now people want him to succeed with Anger Management. (Pajiba)

Time Magazine has come up with an eclectic group for its 100 most influential people list. Included in that list is Rihanna for no apparent reason. (Gawker)

I know there’s a new Nicholas Sparks movie out in theatres this weekend but I don’t think it should exist. It just destroys anyone’s expectations to have a proper relationships without having them fuck with someone’s head. (Deadspin)

Ron Howard’s latest movie project is a massive step up from Dan Brown novels. He’s turning the story of the 1976 Formula One World Championship battle between Niki Lauda and James Hunt into a movie. Here’s how it’s going so far. (Top Gear)

One of our 32 Hottest Canadian, Emily VanCamp, is making a bit of news for taking an on-screen romance off-screen. And she’s not the only on to do the same romance both on-screen and off. (The Awl)

Speaking of hooking up, here’s a look inside Derek Jeter’s apartment. (New York Post) If you had a place like that, there’s no way you couldn’t have a better list of exes than Wilmer Valderamma or whatever that guy’s name is. I’m not validating him by looking up how to spell his name. There’s also plenty of spaces in Jeter’s pad for gift baskets.

Everyone’s got draft fever ahead of the NFL draft. Here’s a TV show draft for new pilots. (News For TV Majors)

We all know the theme songs to TV shows but how many people pay attention to the other songs dropped into shows. Here are the 20 best non-theme songs on TV. (Warming Glow)

Ever want to make money as a professional paparazzi? Here’s whose pictures can earn you the most coin. (Business Insider)

Ever notice that Keira Knightley does a lot of underbiting in her movies? (Buzzfeed)

Watch Parks and Rec people. It’s hilarious. And it’s probably the best sitcom on TV right now. Don’t believe me? Check out this Season 3 gag reel.

Who doesn’t love a campishly bad B-movie every now and then. This one is not only hilariously awful-looking but it also has Brooke Hogan as what looks like a scientist.

And since I wrote this post while watching Law and Order (a classic one with Greevey, Logan, Stone and Jubal Early [he has a mighty roar]) I figured that I’d remind you that there’s supposed to be a Law and Order themed episode of Community this season.

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