Entertainment Link-Off: What’s Old is New Again

It’s the second week of the new year and it doesn’t look like there are any significant movie release in theatres this weekend. Maybe a 3D re-release of Beauty and the Beast might be something of interest? Or not. Anyway, let’s kick off this entry with Rachel McAdams. She can still be seen in the latest Sherlock Holmes flick which is in theatres now.

After the jump, Elizabethtown is not a bad movie, Gina Carano kicks Channing Tatum’s ass, Community has another homage in the works, Michael Bay is trying to convince you to get the limited edition Transformers disc set, Wonder Girls are back with a new track and music video and finally, a look at some new year’s resolution fails.

I might be one of the few rare individuals that actually enjoyed Cameron Crowe’s Elizabethtown and now it looks like I found another person to back me up. (JoBlo)

Catch the first five minutes of Haywire and witness Gina Carano kick Channing Tatum’s ass. Sadly the fight scene doesn’t quite live up to the hype. At least it doesn’t look bad though! (Hulu)

Did Gina Carano sound a little different in the above clip? Turns out they did alter her voice a bit. (The Hollywood Reporter)

While we’re on sneak peaks, here’s 7 minutes of the film Red Tails and also check out George Lucas’ interview on The Daily Show as he discusses about the film that has been a decade in the making. (Slashfilm)

Good sign or bad sign? Marvel has enlisted Saving Private Ryan scribe Robert Rodat to rewrite the Thor 2 script. (Deadline)

Breaking down the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises. Oh while we’re at it, let’s start throwing in some interesting speculations as well. (The Sports Hero)

More reasons to love Community. The show will be paying homage to Law and Order later this season. (TV Line)

Hansel and Gretel with lots of artillery. Sounds interesting right? Sadly if you want to see this retelling of the fairytale, you’re gonna have to wait since the release date has been pushed back quite a bit to accommodate Jeremy Renner’s increasing star power. (Moviefone)

In true James Cameron fashion, could the Avatar sequel be delayed? The producer mentioned that the next Avatar flick is still 4 years off, pushing it beyond the expected release timeframe of the movie… (Bleeding Cool)

Kris Humphries isn’t getting much love from NBA fans lately, but could it be because everyone is on Team Kardarshian? Perhaps not! It just might be basketball fans hatin’ on him for abandoning bball in favour of being on a reality show. (Entertainment Weekly)

Director Steven Soderbergh likes to channel his inner Hitchcock and kill off major movie stars in his films. (The Independent)

Watch Michael Bay pimp the limited edition of Transformers: Dark of the Moon blu-ray release. (Vimeo)

The Chinese sure loves their robots. Transformers: Dark of the Moon topped the box office in China in 2011. (Variety)

The movie has been shelved for a while, but it’s finally getting some additional positive hype. The not-so-conventional horror flick The Cabin in the Woods is now going to open the SXSW festival! (Movieline)

The Wonder Girls are back to make another splash in the US music scene. This time it’s the infectious track The DJ is Mine.

New music video for afterschoolspecial. The MV is shot from a first person’s POV and features cameos from quite a few Youtubers.

Remember when George Takei called a truce upon Star Wars and Star Trek fans to unite against Twilight? Well… William Shatner rejects the truce.

So we’re about two weeks into the new year, so how are your resolutions coming along? Have a look at the hilarious video on a series of resolution fails out there.


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