Man Lab Link-Off: The Secret

It’s time for another set of Man Lab approved links. Since the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was last night and Miranda Kerr seemed to be the star of the show, here she is to kickoff this linkdump.

Figuring out women is something that will trouble men until the day we die. But here are ten things that they wished we knew about them. Every head start helps. (Ask Men)

After the jump, how to date a Victoria’s Secret Angel, what men can learn from Friday Night Lights and Kate Upton does a photo shoot.

Ever wanted to know the secret to dating a Victoria’s Secret Angel? Candice and Erin explain some of the secrets to pick up an Angel. (Stylelist)

Women “struggling” to drink water is apparently a genre of photography. I think we can see why. (The Hairpin)

Speaking of drinking water, that’s something that Victoria’s Secret models can’t do in the run up to their big shows. Adriana Lima explained her diet for the VS Fashion Show. (The Daily Telegraph)

We know that water can help you get over hangovers but did you know that there is more than one type of hangover (besides red wine and normal). All 47 types and their unique cures are documented here. (College Humor)

Need some inspiration? A guy managed to score a woman who he thought was out of his league and shared his tale. (Reddit)

Despite this story, I still find that this next article is more true. Women will inevitably fall for one of these four types of guy. (Pick Me Up News)

Want to party in Vegas with SI Swimsuit models? If you win a charity auction, you and three friends could at the Swimsuit Issue launch party in Vegas. (Charity Buzz)

Dressing well doesn’t mean dressing up in suits all the time (though suiting up is seldom a bad thing). If you get the right pair of jeans, you can still look sharp. (Primer)

Not only was Friday Night Lights one of the great drama’s of our time, it also contained good advice for today’s man. (Art of Manliness)

Photo gallery time. Here’s COED’s list of the best natural breasts of 2011. (COED Magazine) Why is this list buried at the bottom of the linkdump? Because it’s so flawed that I seriously considered not running it.

Improving on that is this list of the 50 hottest redheads of all-time. And that’s only because I can’t really complain about the top two. (Complex) This is another very flawed list that nearly got it cut. Seriously, how hard is it to define natural breasts as natural breasts and redheads as natural redheads?

Gratuitous Kate Upton? Absolutely.

How about more SI Swimsuit-ish stuff. Here’s Cintia Dicker.

Maybe you’re looking for something a little more active. So here’s a video of Shakira pole dancing.

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