Man Lab Link-Off: Mind Blowing

It’s time for more links from your friends at the Man Lab. Sometimes I’m not sure whether this post is supposed to link to eye candy or advice for guys. Either way, we’ll start with the clinically underrated Anne V.

It’s time for AskMen’s annual list of the 49 most influential men in the world. Who should be your male celebrity role medal for the next year? (AskMen)

After the jump, sex can literally blow your mind, video gaming with your girl and celebrities on Halloween.

Let’s go straight into relationship advice this week. With so many different types of women out there, there’s no such thing as a universal move set. However, we found a collection of pick-up advice for just about any woman. (Men’s Health)

Now that you’ve read that, you definitely have to avoid these four piece of relationship advice that Hollywood keeps shoving down our throats. (Cracked)

Things don’t always go well, however. Here are seven reasons why she won’t have sex with you. (Guyism)

If you do have sex with her, she still may not really care that much. That’s because you could literally blow her mind with sex like the woman who forgot a day of her life because of sex. (MSNBC)

If you’re looking for a place to not have mind-blowing sex, it would be in mid-air. However, one couple had sex while skydiving (as in literally falling in mid-air) to get on the Howard Stern Show. (DListed)

A top plastic surgeon spent three months examining pictures of Page Three girls to determine the perfect breast shape. How do I get paid to do a study like that? (Daily Mail)

Need For Speed: The Run has already announced that it will feature Irina Shayk and Chrissy Teigen. Now, they’ve announced the addition of Christina Hendricks. There’s just one problem: They’ve made some anatomical modifications to her. Such a shame. (Jalopnik)

Now you’ve just got to convince your girlfriend to let you play more games. The easiest way to do that is to get her to start playing games. Here’s how you can get that to happen. (UGO)

Not really sure how to tie a tie? Well, if you have a Mac, you can download an app which will use your webcam to coach you through tying your tie. (Guyism)

In other useful guy advice, here are the questions that you absolutely must ask when buying a used car. (Jalopnik)

Here’s today’s first photo gallery. With Halloween around the corner, it’s a look at 31 celebrities in “slutty” costumes. In other words, here are 31 women in standard Halloween costumes. (CelebSlam)

Our second gallery features 20 actresses with amazing legs… Even if you didn’t realize that they had legs. (Unreality)

This gallery is part photo gallery and part list. It’s the top 100 photoshoots by photographer Terry Richardson. He definitely has one of the best jobs in the world. (Complex)

Here’s the newest Victoria’s Secret commercial featuring Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Candice Swanepoel, Lais Ribeiro and Lily Aldridge. It’s a shame it’s only 30 seconds long.


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