Wednesday Link-Off: Big Money

Well, I just dropped $50 on my office hockey pool which I doubt I’m going to get back. So here’s some Jessica Lowndes to make me feel better.

Twitter is looking for new ways to earn revenue before its moment as the big social network passes. But can it be done? (New York Magazine)

Speaking of money, Stephen Harper spent the last election claiming he was the best choice for the Canadian economy. However, he hasn’t done much to prove that. (Bullion Bulls Canada)

Brett Favre is back! Well, at least he’s not back as a quarterback. He’s taken up a career as a broadcaster. (Awful Announcing)

After the jump, are you ready from some ill-advised metaphors, the latest website turned into a TV show and Clarkson’s video game trailer.

Speaking of awful football decisions, Hank Williams Jr., who sings Monday Night Football’s theme song, compared Obama to Hitler. That went over about as well as expected. (The Big Lead)

In great use of the English language as it relates to football, here’s Detroit Lions coach Jim Schwartz dropping F-bombs all over the field. He’s the fucking man, motherfucker! (Guyism – Site NSFW)

A couple of weeks ago, Fox was caught fabricating headlines about Jay Cutler quitting during the 2011 NFL Playoffs. This week, TBS was caught fabricating headlines about the Tampa Bay Rays. Do network producers not realize that people still read newspapers? (Sports Grid)

A few weeks back, word leaked that Fox was thinking of launching a Simpsons channel. Now, it looks like the series might come to an end in a matter of months because of money. (The Daily Beast)

Speaking of Fox, they have a new show in the pipeline. For some reason, they’ve put in a script order for a series based on Texts From Last Night. If you thought that didn’t make sense, wait ’til you find out that a writer from Big Bang Theory is writing this series. (Variety)

Coming last night to IFC was the latest show by the crew at the Onion. It’s the Onion News Network TV show. So just what goes into making a TV satire/parody show? Here’s a look behind the scenes of ONN TV. (SplitSider)

Here’s your odd TV fact of the day: Shows that were considered flops based on viewership back in the day would be considered today’s megahits. (Vulture)

Star Wars fans will know that the Imperial perspective is very seldom discussed in any sort of depth. If it was, you’d probably hear the word “terrorist” thrown around a lot about the Rebel Alliance. (Caveman Circus)

Today’s amazingly cool website of the day is vintage 8- and 16-bit video game title screens in GIF form. (Title Scream)

I don’t know why the folks at time would look at this apart to get links from folk like me but it’s their choice for the 25 best sports movies. (Time)

It’s Community meme time! It’s a meme based on the briefly mentioned Inspector Spacetime series. (Gamma Squad)

Here’s the coolest video game trailer you’re likely to see all year. It’s Jeremy Clarkson narrating a trailer about Forza Motorsport 4.

Or if you prefer your video game eye candy of the virtual female variety, you can checkout this promo for the upcoming Need for Speed game with a pair of familiar models.

Today’s question of the day: What happens when you drop a slinky in mid-air?


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