Lowdown BlogCast: September 28, 2011

With the 2011-12 NHL season set to kick-off in a week’s time, we’re back with out annual Lowdown NHL season preview podcast. In this edition of the show, the boys start by picking the top fantasy hockey players for the upcoming seasons, some sleepers for the later rounds and where to draft injured players like Crosby and Kesler who will get you a point per game but might miss a significant portion of the season. The talk then turns to the alleged link between fighting and player deaths and discussion as to whether the connection is there or this is the media trying to make money without substantial evidence. Entertainment is up next as Jackie previews the new fall TV season while getting sidetracked constantly by Steve. When Steve takes over entertainment, he leads the discussion about nude celebrity self-portraits that mysteriously “leak” to the internet. After that, we’re back to hockey as the boys pick their division and conference champions and predict the individual award winners. They also talk in-depth about the playoff chances of the Flyers and Maple Leafs. At the end of the show, things go off-track again as Steve and Jackie talk about who would win in a war between zombies and vampires.

In total it’s a whopping 162 minutes of Lowdown action for you to digest. That’s nearly two-and-three-quarters hours of the classic Lowdown fun and frivolity in one podcast.

Click here to download The Lowdown BlogCast.
Click here to download the podcast quality version.


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