Sunday Link-Off: Locked In

Welcome to the start of the 2011 NFL season. Of course, there are a few other things happening today. To kick things off, here’s Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader Stephanie Smith.

Let’s start off with some 9/11 themed links. An American reporter for Al Jazeera went to Texas for a 9/11 story. He got the sort of reaction that you’d expect from Texans. (Business Insider)

Michael Moore is a controversial man but he was never more controversial than at the 2003 Oscars. Here’s his story of his life after speaking out against the war in Iraq. (The Guardian)

Pulitzer Prize winning writer Buzz Bissinger breaks down the media whoring out the 9/11 anniversary to make a quick dollar. (Philadelphia Daily News)

After the jump, get ready for some football, lots of Harrison Ford and the return of DJ Steve Porter.

For its NFL season preview, the Wall Street Journal compared the team’s attractiveness based on facial symmetry. One of this year’s Suck For Luck teams is at the top of the list. (Wall Street Journal)

If you’d rather something not-at-all contrived to breakdown the start of the NFL season, Scott has his NFL Power Rankings. (The Lowdown Blog)

Deadspin’s NFL preview included some decidedly different things. They included a guide to trolling NFL players on Twitter. (Deadspin)

Bill Shatner is back with a new album and it’s actually sounding not too bad. His cover of Iron Man isn’t half bad. (Revolver)

Crash Bandicoot co-creator Andy Gavin shares some of his favourite memories in the run up to the launch of the first Crash game. He seemed to quite enjoy that period of time. (All Things Andy Gavin)

Thirteen years after the SNL sketch that inspired it, Ben & Jerry’s has a new flavour called Schweddy Balls. (SplitSider)

The minds behind South Park crashed a writing class at NYU. My alma mater liked using the term “Master Class” for lessons from industry types. They couldn’t hold a candle to this. (New York Times)

The new TV season doesn’t start until next week but that doesn’t mean we can’t some of the important previewing out of the way. I’m just kidding. It’s just a fall TV drinking game. And you’re going to need it. (Warming Glow)

And along those lines, here are the 20 worst lines in movie history. This will have to be revised once we get the Blu-Ray Star Wars movies. (BuzzFeed)

Who knew that Steven Spielberg was such a prankster? Footage has now surfaced of a prank that he pulled on Harrison Ford while filming Temple of Doon. (Moviefone)

It’s quiz time. Can you name all these Harrison Ford  movies based on the drawings by my non-union Mexican equivalent, National Post writer Steve Murray. (Sporcle)

The legendary DJ Steve Porter is back with another Community remix. This one is filled with clips from Season 2.

I missed last night’s Doctor Who so I’ll just have to start making up for that by running this cinematic-style trailer for the Doctor Who reboot series.


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