Entertainment Link-Off: It’s Hammer Time!

It’s time for another edition of the Entertainment Link-Off. To celebrate the release of Thor this weekend, here’s Jaimie Alexander who plays Sif in the film.

After the jump, some Marvel related news, the Janitor from Scrubs located Osama bin Laden 4 years ago, saying goodbye to Smallville, the Home Alone house is up for sale and not all Asians know kung fu!

So with Marvel running out of big names to pump into the screens, now they’re considering giving Hawkeye and Black Widow their own solo flicks! (The Playlist)

Not only is Jaimie Alexander attractive, she also kicks butt (she wrestled in high school) and she loves comics. Bonus cool points! (Collider)

There’s more Jaimie Alexander. Catch the video for the behind the scenes look at her Maxim photoshoot. (JoBlo)

You haven’t seen the last of Loki just yet. Tom Hiddleston talks about his involvement in The Avengers. (NY Mag)

In Stephen Colbert’s Movies That Are Destroying America segment, he covers Captain America and Atlas Shrugged Part 1. Let’s just say he puts quite the hilarious spin on the analysis of both films. (Colbert Nation)

Get to know your X-Men: The First Class characters from these profile trailers. They also just added one for Mystique. (Movieline)

To get a comedy to the theatres is a painfully unfunny process. Director Paul Feig revealed that for his upcoming film Bridesmaids, producer Judd Apatow actually screened two versions of the film in theatres side by side with the test audience to see which one fared better. (AV Club)

What Hollywood? Take a look at the 10 production facilities that are giving the folks in California a run for its money. (The Hollywood Reporter)

We all watch Scrubs for a reason… The Janitor had predicted the correct location of Osama bin Laden 4 years ago! Now if only people actually listened to him… (Metro)

Does Twitter drive TV viewership? Um… not really. If it did, Chuck would have better ratings right now. (Mashable)

Steve already made a mention of this earlier but it doesn’t hurt to link it again. The Maxim Hot 100 for this year is out and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has topped the list. This comes in timely as Transformers 3 is about to be released next month. Unlike the folks at Maxim, I would definitely have picked someone else over her for the top spot. Just sayin’. (Maxim)

With Smallville coming to an end on the 13th of May, it’s time to look at back at the not so glamorous moments of the show. (IGN)

Michael Rosenbaum makes his grand return as Lex Luthor in the season finale of Smallville. The only difference is that he didn’t shave his head this time… he’s only wearing a bald cap. Kudos to the makeup department (or maybe photoshop) because I can’t tell the difference. (The TV Addict)

Hard to believe that it’s been 10 years since Smallville premiered. I no longer follow the show intently like before but it’s still something to tune into occasionally. Star Tom Welling looks back and prepares to say goodbye to the show. (LA Times)

Glee is one mean money making cow for FOX… and it looks like the network would want to milk it some more this summer. (Entertainment Weekly)

The Home Alone house is for sale!!! The drawback? It’s gonna cost you $2.4 million. (Chicago Tribune)

Remember kids, stereotypes are bad. Just because someone is Asian, it doesn’t mean that he/she would know kung fu. I think this video should explain it pretty well.

It’s been a while since we’ve done a Lowdown podcast so I might as well throw in a music recommendation here in the ELO. Simple Plan is back with a new track called “Jet Lag” featuring songstress Natasha Bedingfield. The end result is a really catchy tune. Check it out!


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