Sunday Link-Off: Home Stretch

It’s been a while since we’ve featured Anna Kendrick on the blog. Clearly, that’s a massive oversight.

Last week, the NHL finalized their new TV deal with NBC and Versus. For a while, it looked like ESPN was going to get the deal. Here’s how the negotiations went down. (Sports Business Daily)

The New York Times is actually talking about hockey! They look at Detroit’s new Grind Line which is a sequel to the legendary Wings line of the 90s. (New York Times)

With UFC 129 in the rear view mirror, Stephen Brunt writes a requiem for boxing. (Globe and Mail)

After the jump, not getting Iggy with it, 25 things you didn’t know the name of and sports fans who shouldn’t have kids.

A Ukrainian painter loves the Washington Capitals so much that he did a painting celebrating their eventual Stanley Cup championship. (With Leather)

The Canadian federal election is tomorrow. The Liberals are taking an absolute pounding during this campaign. The reason might be because people don’t like that Ignatieff wants to be Prime Minister. (Slate)

Speaking of politics, Superman has renounced his US citizenship. That’s good. He is Canadian after all. (Comics Alliance)

With Steve Carrell leaving The Office, the number of That’s What She Said jokes on TV will drop like a rock. Fortunately, somebody developed a computer program to determine when to make a That’s What She Said joke. (Gizmodo)

And in fun computer news, here’s Steve Jobs in carbonite. Not really, but we can dream. (Next Round)

Exam season is over so this link is a bit late but I like it anyway. It’s an infographic about how using social media affects your grades. (Campus Socialite)

And speaking of social media, here’s an app that uses the zodiac to determine your compatibility with your friends. I haven’t tried it yet but tell me how it works. (Slate)

Let’s have some fun to close out. First, it’s 25 everyday things that you probably didn’t know the name of. (BuzzFeed)

Have I not mentioned the Royal Wedding yet? Well here are some funny captions for pictures of the wedding. (Uproxx)

With the Magic out of the playoffs, Dwight Howard might be skipping town. The local newspaper decided to convince him to stay by doing up pictures of him in various uniforms. (Orlando Sentinel)

Here’s an interesting SportsCentre Top 10. It’s the Top 10 Sports Fans that Shouldn’t Reproduce.

It’s CSI: Mortal Kombat in this CSI: Miami and Mortal Kombat mashup.YEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!

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