Man Lab Link-Off: Man Law

It’s time for the second Man Lab linkdump. God help us if this thing actually catches on. Anyway, let’s start with Heather Morris who is the other blonde from Glee.

Let’s kick off this linkdump with some general life advice. Here are 34 rules everyone should live by. (Midwest Sports Fans)

After the jump, a woman to English dictionary, how to smoke cigars and the best pickup line in Canada.

A dating site surveyed its users to learn more about sex and synthesized the results into several charts. (OK Cupid) Basically, men are best to look for vegetarian women from wealthy countries who are in their 20s and are a bit nerdy.

It’s time for another woman to English dictionary. It’s nine deadly words that women use and what they actually mean. (Caveman Circus)

Somebody did a study about male fingers and found that your index to ring finger length ratio determines how good you look to women. (io9)

Or if you’d rather not leave your luck with the ladies to genetics, maybe you should try to pick up one of these man skills that impress women. (Ask Men)

Esquire has the fifty best new songs for men to listen to… I’d stick to our Man Lab looks at up and coming artists. (Esquire) By the way, I’m working on the next Man Lab music primer and hoping to drop it next week.

Important dressing advice for men. It’s a look at all the different types of shoes available for you to wear. I really should get out of the Oxford/Derby rut that I’m in. (The Awl)

Also important for men that we usually don’t think of is skin care. Fortunately, we dug up this skin care primer for men. (Valet)

Life skills time: There is nothing more divisive between men and women than smoking cigars. But if you’re a man, you need to know this. It’s all you need to know about smoking cigars. (The Smoking Jacket)

Less divisive of men and women are strip clubs (at least in my experience these prompt fewer fights). Here’s an etiquette primer for men going to strip clubs. (Guyism)

The problem there is that you may develop the label of being sketchy. Fortunately, blogger extraordinare Drew Magary tries to help you rid yourself of that label. (Deadspin)

Do you think your girlfriend is lacking in chest size? Well maybe you should have her try one of these ridiculous breast-enhancing products. (Jezebel) Or maybe you shouldn’t say anything about it lest she complain about size problems on your end…

Canadian women reveal the best pickup line in Canada. FYI: This isn’t a politically motivated video embedding. It’s just common sense.

Looking to keep your face firm? Try the facial flex… If you like medieval torture…

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