Formula One: 2011 Bahrain Grand Prix Cancelled

With a month to go before the May 1st deadline for rescheduling the race, the Bahrain Motor Federation will officially cancel the 2011 Bahrain Grand Prix. The race was initially postponed due to political unrest in the country with the possibility of rescheduling but cancelled outright today.

The race was initially scheduled to run on March 13th but anti-government protests combined with several countries advising against travel to Bahrain caused the Crown Prince of Bahrain and the FIA to postpone the race.

Sources close to the Bahrain Motor Federation were reported to have heard that the Crown Prince did not want to deal with media backlash against Bahrain should the race be held or announced that it will go ahead with anti-government protests ongoing. It is also believed that Bernie Ecclestone advised against the race being held because of anticipated protests by the drivers and teams.

It remains to be seen if the Bahrain Grand Prix will be held in 2012. As the race organizers were the ones to cancel the race, it is believed that they will still have to pay the sanctioning fee. The FIA is known to not look favourably on race cancellations so it is unknown if they will allow the race back on the Formula One calendar for 2012.

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