Wednesday Link-Off: Big Game Hangover

We’re less than a week from the launch of the SI Swimsuit Issue so here’s one of the girls on our shortlist, Genevieve Morton.

The gang at Baseball Prospectus have come up with the most important baseball movie article ever. They’ve figured out which baseball game Ferris Bueller went to. (Baseball Prospectus)

Ever want to be/meet Gus Johnson? Well, a new Big Ten Network contest has you covered. (Big Ten Network)

Odd personal fact: I’m a fan of British grime artist Lethal Bizzle. So when his song Pow (Forward) became one of the songs of the student protests over there, I had to link to the article. (Guardian)

After the jump, a Super Bowl photo diary, the hypothetical NBA Guardian Project, and the greatest sports pep talk ever.

The winner of the Blogger Fantasy Football League got a trip to the Super Bowl last weekend. Like any good blogger, she took in the whole experience and documented it in a photo diary. (Midwest Sports Fans)

By now, we’ve all seen A-Rod being fed by Cameron Diaz at the Super Bowl. Turns out that A-Roid doesn’t appreciate having the camera on him at all. (Chicago Sun-Times)

It wasn’t all fun for fans at the Super Bowl. About 400 fans found out on game day that their seats were deemed unsafe by the fire marshal. Now the NFL is scrambling to avoid a lawsuit. (Business Insider)

Ever wonder how Brian Burke actually figures out what to do as Leafs GM? He uses his handy flowchart. (The Checking Line)

A Tiger Woods caricature is selling mattresses in India. Sold me on them. (Sports By Brooks)

There’s a new proposal in Las Vegas to build three state of the art sports stadiums to attract professional hockey, basketball, baseball and football. Looks pretty cool but I don’t think it’ll ever happen. (Las Vegas Sun)

Everyone has a thought about the NHL’s Guardian Project. Well, what would you think if the NBA did the same thing? (Tauntr)

Australian V8 Supercars star Craig Lowndes will trade cars with F1 star Jenson Button before the Aussie Grand Prix. They’ll do a demonstration at the famed Mount Panorama Circuit. Sounds like must see TV. (Adelaide Now)

One of my former professors at Western did a study that shows that small businesses and entrepreneurs prosper in areas suffering from terrorist activity and become the backbone of the economy. (Western News)

Infographic time! Here’s a look at the history of Doctor Who. (Flickr)

You know those online game ads that use hot women to try to get you to sign up? Well, readers of Kotaku were challenged to come up with photoshops inspired by those ads and the results were epic. (Kotaku)

I’ve never been a fan of architecture but I like these buildings built in the 1970s but look like something out of a sci-fi flick. (Gizmodo)

Here’s a compilation of great sports movie motivational speeches mashed up into the greatest motivational speech ever.

A lot of sports writers were complaining about the weather in Dallas for the Super Bowl. I say we have Cousin Sal take care of them like this.

Or maybe we should have Michael Strahan lay his vengeance upon them like he did to the Dan Patrick Show’s Paulie.


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