Wednesday Link-Off: New Tricks

We’ve never really feature a lot of Mila Kunis so here’s a small attempt to make up for it.

Thanks to an in-depth video-based investigation by the folks to Crossing Broad, we know Chris Pronger didn’t take the Stanley Cup winning puck from June. They also revealed the shortlist of who does have it. (Crossing Broad)

Gourmet Spud has done it again. He’s dug up the original unedited script of the Just For Men ad with the two kids trying to get their dad “back on the market.” (Food Court Lunch)

The old saying goes you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. But you can change yourself if you hack your brain. (Lifehacker)

After the jump, the most interesting man in the world, the most awesome jobs for men, and how the NFL is really socialist.

I probably should have led with this item. It’s a funny look at a cheaper way to surf the internet with the possibly soon to be implemented usage-based billing of internet in Canada. (Peace, Love and C++)

The New Yorker profiled the man who plays Dos Equis’ most interesting man in the world. Naturally, the man is interesting. (The New Yorker)

The Atlantic Junior Hockey League likes to have fun at its All-Star Game. Their refs are going to be wearing faux-tuxedo jerseys for the game. (Puck Daddy)

I’m not the only one that thought there was something off about the Pro Bowl trophy. Turns out the NFL knew exactly what it was doing with the Pro Bowl and Super Bowl trophies. (Hugging Harold Reynolds)

The dating site Zoosk did a survey of single women. Three-quarters of them prefer watching the Super Bowl to sex. Looks like three-quarters of the women on Zoosk are keepers. (Larry Brown Sports)

Here’s your haphazard study results of the day: A study says that video game players are worse drivers than non-gamers. (Kotaku)

I’m a pro gun control type of person but even I think this is cool. Someone has invented a video game style ammo counter for your gun. (Slashgear)

Microsoft has tracked down the cause of their phantom data problem. Naturally, they’re saying it’s not their fault. (BBC)

With the start of F1 testing this week, former Renault F1 engineer Pat Symonds describes what he thinks an F1 car will look like and run with in 2020. (Jalopnik)

Everyone, myself especially, is finding the price of gas ridiculous. But how does it stack up against other liquids by the litre. (Sympatico)

Here’s a list of the 10 most awesome jobs for men. #1 on this list is absolutely dead on. (Brosome)

Remember the Simpsons joke about Fox slowly turning into a hardcore porn channel so gradually that no one noticed? Well, it turns out that American Apparel is doing the same. Here’s the photo gallery with proof. It’s NSFW. (Business Insider)

A Darth Vader picture made out of Darth Vader quotes? A Darth Vader picture made of Darth Vader quotes. (Behance)

Before the YouTube videos, here’s a video we can’t embed on here. It’s a spoof Reebok Zigtek commercial about a certain sideline reporter who is now endorsing the shoes. (Tauntr)

I should probably save this video for the pre-Super Bowl links but here’s Bill Maher explaining how the NFL is a socialist league and why America should wake up to accepting helping people.

Here’s a turn in Croatia that’s called the worst in the world. It’s slick, off-camber and bumpy. I think this CCTV footage proves it.

Turner Motorsports driver Joey Hand moonlighted with Ganassi Racing for the Rolex 24 at Daytona. When he went to the Turner pit late in the race Boris Said gave him a hand waking up.


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