Sunday Link-Off: Classic Buildup

Always a classic is Jessica Alba who got sucked into appearing in that Little Fockers movie.

The big hockey story of the week is the premiere of HBO’s 24/7: The Road to the Winter Classic. Here are 12 of the big takeaways from the first show, including that Coach Boudreau swears more than me. (Bro Bible)

One of the more interesting parts of 24/7 was the locker room scenes which provided an unparalleled look at team strategy if you looked closely enough at the white boards. (Puck Daddy)

And to further promote the Winter Classic, Sidney Crosby, Alex Ovechkin and Jeremy Roenick went on The Price is Right. Sid and Ovi were as bad as you’d expect. (Washington Post)

After the jump, more hockey links, a look at Uncharted 3 and Paul McCartney live.

Let’s keep the hockey going. Here’s an interview with Chris Cuthbert about his famous call of the Sidney Crosby gold-medal winning goal. (National Post)

A college student got the call of a lifetime to play in the NHL for a game with the Phoenix Coyotes. It’s a pretty good story and epitomizes the Canadian dream. (Deadspin)

We’ve all seen the photo of LeBron dunking behind D-Wade who had his arms out. It almost looks like a staged promo photo but there’s a story about how the shot happened. (Fanhouse)

And speaking of staged thing, let’s talk pro wrestling. TNA is the distant second place promotion to the WWE. It’s easy to see why since their champion was allowed to wrestle while drunk in a pay-per-view main event. (Smoking Section)

I’ve been trying to save up the 2010 lists for a later linkdump but I have to drop this one here. It’s IGN’s best of 2010 lists for all consoles. (IGN)

We’ve seen a couple of quick gameplay clips of Uncharted 3. Now here’s a look at more of the improvements coming to improve it over 2009’s Game of the Year. (Kotaku)

I may or may not be a big fan of Christmas depending on who you ask (If you listen to the BlogCast, I clearly am. If you ask around my work, apparently I hate it.) but either way, I’m a fan of this list of the 10 most annoying Christmas songs. (Gawker)

For their magazine’s Hollywood issue, the New York Times has 14 actors acting. I assume this was supposed to be a bad 12 Days of Christmas joke. But it does have Natalie Portman stripping (a bit). (New York Times)

And keeping with acting, here’s a look at the ten most ridiculous movie car gadgets. (Jalopnik)

And also tangentially related to the last two, it’s a look at five sci-fi children’s books. (College Humor)

Just for fun, have a listen to this interview with Bob Einstein who plays Super Dave Osborne and Marty Funkhouser. (Dan LeBatard Show)

Here’s a fun little mashup of Doctor Who and Star Wars. Many Bothans died to make this clip. Actually, it took a small team a hell of a long time to make it.

And here’s a fun little holiday song parody album promo parody by the San Jose Sharks.

And that ends this edition of the SLO. Play us out, Paul.


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