Wednesday Link-Off: Discipline

Let’s kick off these links with Canada’s own Jessica Lowndes who celebrated her 22nd birthday with cupcakes.

With the CFL regular season in the books and division finals coming up this weekend, here’s a look at the five best and worst moments from this season. (55-Yard Line)

In the midst of a labour relations case that the NHL is involved in, several emails from Colin Campbell were made public. In one of them, he refers to one of the players he coached as a “little fake artist.” So who is this guy he loathes so much? (MC79 Hockey)

And speaking of NHL discipline, here’s Sean Avery cheapshotting Ladislav Smid. Doubt he’ll get suspended because Campbell likes the Rangers. (Tirico Suave)

After the jump, Brett Favre’s hypothetical benching, everybody does the Dougie and the return of DJ Steve Porter.

Is it time for Brett Favre to finally get benched? If it does happen, here’s how it’s likely to go down. (Midwest Sports Fans)

In unexpected celebrity news, Steve Nash and his wife had their third child over the weekend. They announced that they were getting divorced a day later. (Life and Style)

Rachel Uchitel tells all about her affair with Tiger Woods. All she wanted was love. Aww… Sorry about that. My eyes rolled into the back of my head. (Daily Mail)

If there’s one thing in sports that’s growing faster than the number of mistresses is the number of players doing the Dougie. Well, maybe not in numbers but on a percentage basis. (Wall Street Journal)

The boys at LDU have dug up another internet treasure. This time, it’s a little thing called My Life Is Western. (Lion’s Den U)

I’m not really concerned about words until the annual LSSU list of words that should die comes out. For now, here’s the words of 2010. (Washington Post)

Ian Fleming’s James Bond in the novels was the sort of guy we could all get behind. He wasn’t particularly fond of the Americans. Hell, the BBC like it so much, they did an entire radio program about it. (BBC)

ESPN TV and radio personality Colin Cowherd has sold his life story to CBS for a new sitcom. Make sense, the Tony Kornheiser sitcom worked out so well for Jason Alexander. (Yahoo/Reuters)

Best invention ever? It’s a universal remote control in a pillow. (Engadget)

Since Western will do battle with Laval in this weekend’s Uteck Bowl, here are some football appropriate lists for you. First, since Coach Marshall is fond of his gadget plays, here’s the 50 greatest trick plays in football history. (Complex)

And since the drinking age in Quebec is 18, here is what your choice of beer says about you. (Guyism)

DJ Steve Porter is back. This time he’s remixing an infomercial of NFL coach motivational speeches. Is it just me or does Singletary seem very out of place here.

This week on World Muay Thai Entertainment SmackDown: Two guys fighting for jobs break out the foreign objects in the middle of a match.

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