BioShock Infinite Gameplay Preview Released

The folks over at Irrational Games have released the first gameplay footage of their upcoming game BioShock Infinite. Fans of the first two games (like myself) will notice a few not so subtle differences between IG’s original BioShock and their second effort in the series (2K did BioShock 2 internally). But let’s take a look at this early footage and dissect it after the jump.

When watching that video, keep these ten important points about BioShock Infinite in mind courtesy the Irrational Games blog.

  • Columbia is a living, breathing society whose citizens will respond to you in diverse–and unpredictable–ways.
  • In BioShock Infinite, you play a defined, fleshed-out character: former Pinkerton agent Booker DeWitt.
  • Your companion character Elizabeth aids you in combat–but only if and when you want her to.
  • BioShock Infinite is set during a formative time in American history, as the country was exploding onto the world stage.
  • Sky-Lines can be used for both movement and combat, significantly expanding your tactical opportunities.
  • Combat can involve many enemies at one time, with a much broader range of encounters than the original BioShock.
  • BioShock Infinite is built on a new engine, with none of Irrational’s code or assets from previous BioShock games remaining.
  • Irrational sees “BioShock” as more than just one setting–and the implications of that will become more and more clear over time.
  • Columbia is composed of semi-autonomous floating buildings which have a wealth of unique gameplay properties.
  • Two factions battle for control over Columbia, the status quo-enforcing powers that be, and the internationalist Vox Populi.

The easiest things to figure out are: 1) You’re not in Kansas anymore; and 2) You have a voice. Unlike the last two games, your character (Booker DeWitt) will be more than just the set of eyes you look through but (as IG’s PR team says above) an actual character. You have to make a few leaps of faith to figure out that you’re Andrew Ryan’s son in the first BioShock.

The setting of your grand adventure has some similarities and differences from Rapture. Columbia is obviously in the skies as opposed to under the sea. That same Ryan-esque sense of “freedom” but better described as jingoism is there. Plasmids are still there but are more like tonics than needles (which suits a needle-hater such as myself just fine). Unlike Rapture, however, it looks like life is carrying on as normally as it can in a floating city.

Based on this short little clip, I think we can expect big things out of the third iteration in the BioShock series. Maybe an escape from Rapture won’t be such a bad thing after all.

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