Entertainment Link-Off: Dancing Around the Truth

Welcome to another edition of the Entertainment Link-Off. Kicking off this entry is Emma Stone, who plays the lead character Olive Penderghast in the new film Easy A. The comedy centres around a high school girl who fake lost her virginity. Given it is a high school, of course chaos will ensue. The film is actually a hit among the critics, so could it be a contender at this weekend’s box office? I certainly hope so.

After the jump, some awesome Voltron pics, The Social Network interactive trailer, the return of Johnny English, Kate Walsh channels her inner Gaga, Community takes on Modern Family (sort of) and an awesome Community remix.

Ben Affleck’s movie career is back on the upswing since the dreadful early 2000s. With the release of critically acclaimed film The Town, he is now officially 2 for 2 in the director’s chair. Everyone loves a good comeback story eh? (Moviefone)

For those who were questioning whether the live action Voltron film will look any good or not, look no further. Voltron concept art has been released and they look awesome! (JoBlo)

The Scott Pilgrim vs. the World interactive trailer was filled with awesome tidbits and was a hit among those around the net. The trend is continue on with the new The Social Network interactive trailer. (MovieWeb)

This may be a long, but it’s a good read. Here’s a nice 7 page feature on The Social Network or as director David Fincher calls it “the Citizen Kane of John Hughes movies”. (NY Mag)

While you can see the upcoming Spider-Man Andrew Garfield in The Social Network, he’s also appearing in the film Never Let Me Go. During an interview, he broke into song and attempted to sing that famous Bed Intruder song. (Oh No They Didn’t @ Livejournal)

No crazy purple costume for Hawkeye in The Avengers? That’s a bit disappointing. (MTV)

Ryan Reynolds takes some time to talk about the long-gestating Deadpool movie. With so many projects lined up, it may be a while before we see this movie, but at least Reynolds make it sound really promising! (LA Times)

Chuck returns on Monday with all new episodes!!! While we wait for the season premiere, let’s just take a look at a series of clips and behind the scenes stuff from the upcoming episode. (TV by the Numbers)

Chuck star Zachary Levi will be voicing the lead character in the upcoming Disney animated flick Tangled. Take a look at the brand new trailer here. (Disney)

The trailer for the stalker thriller The Roommate is finally out. Ok so this flick doesn’t look too appealing, but since it does feature Minka Kelly and Leighton Meester, I’m definitely up for it. (Yahoo)

I’m still a bit skeptical about the upcoming season of Supernatural. The trailer doesn’t do much for me right now, but count me in for the season premiere to see if the show is still worth following. (Entertainment Weekly)

True Lies is one of the action films that I’ve watched over and over again without getting sick of it. Now, it appears True Lies is being developed as a TV series with James Cameron attached as producer. While it sounds good, I don’t know if it’s going to be any good without Ah-nold in front of the screen. (Deadline)

Johnny English was not a major hit in the United States, but it was a big enough moneymaker overseas. A sequel was not out of the question, but nothing has come out of it until now. It’s about time Mr. Bean, I mean Mr. English returns to the big screens!  (Slashfilm)

The latest installment of Resident Evil opened big at the box office last weekend. I suppose it’s expected that another RE film will be coming to a theatre near you. This time Milla Jovovich reveals that fan input will factor into the next time, so tweet away with your opinions! (NY Mag)

While we’re on the topic of zombies, here are 20 movies that are so craptacular that the undead probably would have made them better. (Total Film)

Borat as Freddie Mercury? (Deadline)

Another worst kept secret in Hollywood is revealed. Casey Affleck comes clean about the mockumentary I’m Still Here:  Joaquin Phoenix’s rap career was all a hoax. (NY Times)

Lady Gaga tried to shock many people with her meat dress at the MTV VMAs however it’s been done before and I’ve seen a few in art class back in high school. Anyway, Kate Walsh decides to pay homage to the meat dress by dressing up on The Tonight Show. This time it’s a sushi and sashimi dress. Point goes to Kate on this one just for the sushi. (NBC)

It’s a battle of the claustrophobic films! There’s Rodrigo Cortes’ Buried (starring Ryan Reynolds) and Danny Boyle’s 127 Hours (starring James Franco). Here’s a full rundown of the films so that you’ll be prepared for their release in theatres. (Cinematical)

Emma Stone quotes Admiral Akbar during an interview for her new film Easy A. How awesome is that?! (Collider)

Could Emma Stone be the next Hollywood it-girl? Now that she has definitely solidified her status as the anti-Lindsay Lohan, I say yes! (Moviefone)

Modern Family premieres on Wednesday at 9 pm on ABC. With the premiere so close, obviously a new clip would surface on the internet to wet our appetites. (Zap2it)

Community’s Ken Jeong and Modern Family’s Eric Stonestreet are not getting along. This has been quite amusing actually as messages between these two flooded my Twitter feed for a little while now. I don’t care if it’s fake, it’s funny! (Entertainment Weekly)

Advertising fail. No wonder NBC shows suck at the ratings. The network doesn’t even know how to promote its own shows! Take a look at this poster for Community for example. (Movieline) For those who are wondering what the actual air time is, Community is on THURSDAYS at 8 pm.

Alison Brie talks about the upcoming season of Community. She also reveals she wants her character Annie to hook up with Professor Duncan (played by John Oliver). Well that should be interesting to see! (Entertainment Weekly)

Let’s end off this week’s ELO with a Community related video. Have fun listening to this awesome remix!


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