Entertainment Link-Off: Hit Love Where It Hurts

Steve will be away this weekend so the Sunday Link-Off will be taking a break. Instead, be on a lookout for the review of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World tomorrow night! Speaking of Scott Pilgrim, the comic book-turned-live action feature is out this week. If you’re from Toronto, show some T-dot love and go see this movie. Kicking off this week’s Entertainment Link-Off is Ellen Wong, who has a role as one of Scott’s many love interests, Knives Chau.

After the jump, plenty more Scott Pilgrim related links, a few nifty features of The Other Guys and Friday Night Lights sets a return date.

Whenever there is a film adaptation of books or comics, there’s bound to be plenty of things that are left out of the screenplay; therefore it won’t show up in the final product we see. It is no different for Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Before you go see the movie take a look at the animated prequel featuring Scott Pilgrim’s high school days and the history he shares with his band’s drummer Kim Pine. (Cinemablend)

It’s Scott Pilgrim vs. the Pop Culture. The film is littered with many pop culture references. Did you manage to catch them all? Here’s a list of 30 of them that you will find in the movie. Warning, some spoilers ahead. (Moviefone)

Thanks to the movie release, the cast and crew and making rounds and doing media blitzes to help promote the film. Take a listen at the hour long interview/podcast that the folks at /Film conducted with director Edgar Wright. (Slashfilm)

Or perhaps take a look at a slightly shorter video interview. (Collider)

There’s more, he also discusses the making of the film with star Michael Cera. (Entertainment Weekly)

This is a fun gallery to check out. From Pac-Man to Gremlins, Edgar Wright reveals his top pop culture passions. (Entertainment Weekly)

I’m usually not a fan of indie music, so I rarely listen to Broken Social Scene or Metric, but after watching Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, I pretty much fell in love with the soundtrack. Take a listen for yourself over at Spinner. The songs are very catchy, especially the ones featuring Sex Bob-omb (which is actually performed by Beck). In addition to that, listen to the score for the film as well! (Spinner 1) (Spinner 2)

Based on the box office tracking so far this weekend, The Expendables looks like it will debut on top with pretty good numbers. I suppose it wouldn’t be too big of a surprise that sequel talks have started. (LA Times)

I mentioned this movie during the Comic-Con Roundup not too long ago and now the trailer has hit the internet. Take a look at the alien invasion film Skyline from The Brothers Strause. Yes, it really does star Donald Faison and Eric Balfour. (Apple)

I’m positive I’m not the only one who complains about the ridiculous amount of commercials that play in front of films at the theatres. The folks at College Humor has come up with a brilliant idea of a theatre recap to kick off screenings. Curious to see what it’s like? See it for yourself! (College Humor)

In celebration of the angry flight attendant that quit his job or perhaps the hoax that featured a woman named Jenny quitting via a dry erase board, let’s take a look at 8 movie approved job quitting moments. (Moviefone)

The end credits for the Will Farrell-Mark Wahlberg cop comedy The Other Guys doesn’t feature any gag reel or bonus sequences. Instead, it’s a fact-filled glorified PowerPoint presentation. (Slashfilm)

If Eva Mendes’ faux sex tape wasn’t enough for you last week, well here’s the music video for the song Pimps Don’t Cry. No, this is not the Will Ferrell/Eva Mendes rendition from The Other Guys. Instead in the 70s style MV, Mendes exchanges verses with Cee-Lo. It’s actually not a bad track. (Funny or Die)

While Kevin Smith decided to move forward with the film Red State, his hockey feature Hit Somebody is officially sitting on the back-burner. While the film was slated for Sean William Scott to play the lead role, it appears that he is now circling another hockey related film called Goon. So what exactly does this mean for Hit Somebody? Kevin Smith responds. (Slashfilm)

Speaking of films encountering setbacks, it looks like the Deadpool movie is in danger now that the Green Lantern is in full force. With the sequels planned for a back-to-back shoot, star Ryan Reynolds may not be able to commit to being Deadpool. Who thinks this is a sneaky attempt by DC and Warner Brothers to twart Marvel’s domination at the box office? (io9)

To infinity and beyond! Toy Story 3 has become the highest grossing animated film of all time! (The Wrap)

Ellen Wong did a fantastic job playing the naive yet butt-kicking 17 year old Knives Chau in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. I’ll write more about in the review tomorrow. In the meantime, if you want to read more about the talented Canadian actress (TO represent!), here’s a few articles for you to look at. (Coming Soon) (National Post) (The Toronto Star) Fun fact: I like Pocky too!

Friday Night Lights fans, the final season has wrapped filming and the premiere date on DirecTV has finally been announced. Mark your calendars folks for October 27th! As usual, the NBC premiere date has yet to be announced. Expect a summer burn off like this year y’all. (Time)

With the football drama ending, FNL alums need to find employment elsewhere. Looks like Zach Gilford landed a gig on Shonda Rhimes’ drama Off the Map. (Entertainment Weekly)

Now that the defunct superhero drama Heroes got canned, Masi Oka will now show up on Hawaii-Five-0. Please let him stick around for a longer stint? (TV Guide)

We all know that NBC’s schedule has pretty much gone down the crapper. Here’s a funny look at the network’s abysmal schedule. (The Hollywood Reporter) While I like to poke fun at the network’s schedule, there are definitely some elements of that picture that I don’t necessarily agree with.

Ok, forget about Sofia Vergara running around Sunset Blvd. naked. Let Modern Family win some Emmys so that the kids stay on the right track and not spiral out of control. Think of the kids!!! (The Hollywood Reporter)

With The Expendables out this weekend, Jimmy Kimmel thought it would be a good idea to show you an extended preview of the film… well sorta.


Fellow Lowdown co-host/blogger Steve Murray may disagree but Toronto is the place to be! If Scott Pilgrim wasn’t a good enough highlight, take a look at this. Only July 30th, over 500 Star Wars fans gathered at the Royal Ontario Museum to take part in a LED Lightsaber battle. This is flashmob at its best.


I always love it when the local news drags celebrities in to do the weather for them. The CTV Toronto evening news tried it a little while back and it worked to certain degree. Seriously, if you thought Chris Bosh would make a good weatherman, you thought wrong, but it was highly entertaining. While doing some promotional work in Atlanta, Jason Schwartzman and Michael Cera took over the weather report and chaos ensued.


Let’s end it off with an awesome Scott Pilgrim related clip. To demonstrate how faithful of an adaptation the feature film is compared to the comic book, Mr Blonde 2010 decided to recreate the trailer using the frames from the comics by Bryan Lee O’Malley. I’m quite surprised with how well they match!


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