Wednesday Link-Off: Nerd Off!

To celebrate the end of Comic Con, here’s my highlight of the convention, Blake Lively.

By the by, you can get all of Jackie’s coverage of this year’s Comic Con by clicking here.

I hope that Japan wins the bid for the 2022 World Cup. They’re promising games shown with life-size holograms. (Gizmodo) See, you’d be wasting your money on a 3D TV. Just wait another dozen years before you plunk down your cash.

The only thing better than life-size holographic soccer will be spectacular Icelandic soccer celebrations recreated by life-size holograms. (Deadspin)

Remember that list last week of the best ballpark food at each stadium? Well, you may want to consult this list of health code violations at North American stadiums before going to the concession stands. (ESPN)

After the jump, softball on TV, scads of video game links, and the ultimate Ultimate Frisbee catch.

I mentioned it on my Twitter but a men’s slow pitch softball game between Canada and the US was on TSN & ESPN. He’s a photo recap of the game. (Joe Sports Fan)

It’s taken a while for it to be unearthed but a condom company has turned the Isner/Mahut 11 hour tennis match and turned it into a commercial. (Busted Racquet)

Madden 11 is being released in a couple of weeks. Bad news if you’re a Saints fan: Drew Brees in on the cover so you’re screwed. The good news is that they’ve revamped the soundtrack so it’ll be epic. (PR Inside)

Speaking of Madden 11, if you win the Super Bowl in this year’s game, you can meet the President. (IGN)

Keeping with EA Sports games, they’ve just released new footage from NHL 11. Their latest batch of videos includes intros of CHL games. (Buzzing the Net)

And one last video game link. Whether you like it or not, 3D games are coming soon to the PS3. (Kotaku)

Mad Men is back for another season. The biggest news from the season premiere is that Christina Hendricks’ body has been officially endorsed by the British government. Since when did governments have such good taste? (BBC)

Here’s a profile of professional wrestling legend Abdullah the Butcher who is still in the ring long after most of his rivals retired. (New York Times)

We all know there’s two sides to every story but the latest Mel Gibson scandal has gotten a little ridiculous. It’s not Mel vs. Oksana. It’s Radar vs. TMZ. (Washington Post)

A couple of top ten lists to close out this linkdump. First, it’s the top ten scoops picked up by Wikileaks. (Daily Telegraph)

The second top ten list features the ten most gang-affiliated sports hats. (Complex)

It may sound a touch redundant but here’s the ultimate Ultimate Frisbee catch. It’s ULTIMATE!

And here’s the ultimate sham of a boxing match. Even I could take that punch and I’m not much of a fighter.


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