Entertainment Link-Off: On Earth, Everyone Can Hear You Scream

This would probably be a good weekend to avoid the theatres as they are packed with fangirls (and maybe some fanboys). While they’re in the theatres screaming at high pitches everytime a sparkling vampire or shirtless werewolf appears on the screen, the rest of us can just sit back and catch some World Cup action! Now the Twilight saga isn’t known for its ‘quality’ story, but thank goodness the movie does have some eye candy. Kicking off this entry is Ashley Greene.

After the jump, Scream 4 may have hit a fork in the road, some anticipation build-up for Predators, an awesome District 9 parody, some more vampire related stuff and Scott Pilgrim in German!

Here’s a great parody of District 9 depicting the aftermath of the FIFA World Cup taking place in South Africa. (Atom)

Things aren’t looking good for the upcoming Scream movie. Cast members are dropping out and the script is currently being reworked by a fellow named Ehren Kruger. Sound familiar? He’s the man that butchered Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. (Slashfilm)

Ok, so the new Scream film will likely suck now, but Alison Brie’s in it! Judging by the character description, sounds like another random kill-off. However, the movie will gain bonus cool points if she turns out to be the psycho killer at the end. (The Hollywood Reporter)

On a Scream related note, here’s a nifty suggestion on what they can do with a possible Community episode to mooch off the horror franchise. To be honest, I like the idea! (Entertainment Weekly)

Predators is coming out next week, so it’s a good time to take a look at four short clips of the movie to wet your appetites for now. (Collider)

There’s also a nice chat with Robert Rodriguez and director Nimrod Antal about the film. (Collider)

will.i.am of the Black Eyed Peas continues head to the direction of being seriously uncool. This time he lied about getting James Cameron to make a B.E.P. movie. (CHUD)

Got $35000 to spend? How about getting yourself a real life lightcycle? I’m sure it’ll be fun to zip down the street at night and be pulled over by every single cop that you may encounter along the way. (Latino Review)

Vampires are popping up everywhere in film and television. While it’s all fine and dandy, it gets ridiculously irritating when these vampires don’t play by the rules. (Pop Eater)

You know Twilight fans are not true horror film fanatics when a teaser trailer for Paranormal Activity 2 (which is another cash grab) is deemed too scary for them. (Variety)

Twilight films are notorious for front-loading at the box office (hence the poor records single day records being shattered etc.) so this is a nice promotional campaign to reinforce that. Other films should try this as well to boost their opening weekend box office. (AICN)

For those who have read the books or have been spoiled by the endless media coverage, we all know that Team Edward wins in the end. So why does Team Jacob lose? Well the folks at io9 came up with a list of good reasons for why chicks dig that sparkling vampire over the werewolf. (io9)

Normally there would be plenty of hate going around when a new Twilight film hits the theatres, but thanks to M. Night Shyamalan, he has taken off some of the heat by producing a craptastic film like The Last Airbender. (Movieline)

In Soviet Russia, toys play you! In a surprising twist at the box office overseas, Toy Story 3 bombed at the Russian box office. (LA Times)

Another point for Team Coco. Jay Leno has hit his lowest ratings since 1993. Somewhere inside the NBC offices, the execs are kicking themselves. (Deadline)

NBC might not be thrilled the Steve Carrell is leaving The Office, but at least Ricky Gervais is sending him off on a nice goodbye. (New York Times)

The film ‘Let the Right One In’ is a far superior vampire flick compared to the Twilight ‘saga’. I wasn’t too keen on an American remake of the film, but based on the international trailer that was just released, I am mildly impressed. Matt Reeves pretty much stayed true to the tone of the original movie, so let’s hope the final product will be just as good. Better yet, no sissy vampires in this movie. In addition to the clip below, you can take a look at the side by side comparison between the original and the remake. (io9)


Edgar Wright suggested that we go check out the German trailer for Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. I took his advice and decided to take a look. It’s quite similar to the English international trailer, but everything just sounded a bit cooler in different language. Plus I now know how to say “lesbian” and “lesbians” in German!


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