Entertainment Link-Off: Byrne-ing Up the Big Screen

It’s amazing how time flies. We’ve hit the first weekend of June! That means we’re smack in the middle of the summer blockbuster season and this weekend’s big feature is the Forgetting Sarah Marshall spinoff Get Him to the Greek. Rose Byrne is among the cast of the film, so let’s kick this off with her latest shoot with GQ.

After the jump some Marvel concept arts, new trailer and TV spot for Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Scarlett Johansson screwed over Esquire, Andy Richter shot Jon Stewart, a look into auditioning for Transformers 3 and Kristen Bell took part in the lost masterpiece of pornography.

Oh those engineers never run out of awesome ideas. While the folks painted a giant pumpkin on top of the observatory at UWO, these guys took it to a whole new level. (Slashfilm)

At a recent conference in Toronto, Esquire editor David Granger revealed that Mad Men start Christina Hendricks was not the top choice for the May cover. In fact it was supposed to be Scarlett Johansson until she decided to ‘screw them over’. (NY Daily News)

Congratulations Homer Jay Simpson. You’re the greatest TV character in the last 20 years! (Entertainment Weekly)

The Television Critics Association have released the list of nominations for the shows this past season. While there are plenty of love for Modern Family and Glee, what about Community?!?! (Hit Fix)

If you watch enough television or movies, you’ll start to notice the same props being used over and over again. Someone put together a compilation that features the same newspaper prop being used in various TV shows and movies. From Married with Children to Scrubs… heck even to new stuff like Modern Family, keep an eye out for the same paper appearing on your screen! (Slashfilm)

With the way NBC is right now, it’s no surprise that Jeff Zucker’s days are numbered. (NY Post)

Last week’s ELO featured a link to a description of the Captain America suit in the movie. This week we get an actual visual of Captain America courtesy of some concept art. (AICN)

On top of that, there’s some Thor concept art. (Collider)

Then a fan put it all together for an awesome fanmade poster for The Avengers. (ALilZeker @ DeviantArt)

When news broke out that Guillermo Del Toro was no longer directing The Hobbit, everyone was disappointed by the news. Well… almost everyone. (io9)

It appears that sequels are no longer the magic solution to raking in the cash at the box office based on the latest performance from films like Shrek Forever After and Sex and the City 2. Could it be that the public is finally suffering from a case of sequelitis? (The Hollywood Reporter)

The sci-fi horror flick Splice finally hit the screens yesterday. While this movie has been sitting on the shelf for a little while, it was almost never made because of the sexual content. (Entertainment Weekly)

In other cases of ‘science gone wrong’, here’s a look at the seven best creature flicks of the 2000s. (Cinematical)

While Prince of Persia managed to squeak past Sex and the City 2 last weekend at the box office, there wasn’t much celebration going on as the box office numbers were a bit disappointing. With such a tiny opening weekend, will it be able to recuperate that $200+ price tag? (IGN)

It was a good start to the week for Scott Pilgrim fans as the brand new trailer finally hit the web. (Apple)

Then it was followed by the new TV spot for the film which revealed a few more additional scenes. (Latino Review)

Disney just won’t stop teasing me about the new Tron film! Here’s another new banner for Tron Legacy. (Screencrave)

Oh Comedy Central, if only you could work out a schedule that features Daily Show + Colbert Report + Conan… it would have been awesome. The fan recorded clips will give you a good idea of how great it could be when Colbert and Stewart crashed Conan’s gig at Radio City. (Entertainment Weekly)

Olivia Munn is one busy lady. She’s got AOTS, Perfect Couples and now Daily Show correspondent? (The Hollywood Reporter)

Rose Byrne talks about working with Russell Brand in the new comedy Get Him to the Greek. The random raunchy music that she does in the film actually works. She has potential to be a music star! (Pop Sugar)

For those who still haven’t gone out to see Get Him to the Greek yet, check out the full, unedited 5 minute opening sequence to the film. I must say, despite the ridiculousness, it’s quite funny.

Heidi Montag put up an audition video in an attempt to land the female lead in the upcoming Transformers sequel; however it sucked horribly. So Ben Kingsley shows her how to really audition for the role of Megan Fox’s replacement in Transformers 3.

The new Megan Fox replacement is Rose Huntington-Whiteley. Sure she got the looks, but no clue if there’s any acting talent. Clearly Bay is just looking for eye candy. (JoBlo) It appears the above clip is rather ineffective since this is what Michael Bay is really looking for.


Finally there’s the lost masterpiece of pornography starring Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars) and Ed O’Neill (Modern Family). Don’t be fooled by the title, this one is definitely safe for work.

This might explain why someone thought I was watching porn earlier in the week when in fact I was just tuning into a random Modern Family episode. Ed O’Neill, look at what you’ve done!


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