Lowdown Radio: March 16, 2010

Episode #49 of The Lowdown radio show hit the airwaves earlier tonight. As always with the boys, it was a mix of stuff to make you laugh and make you think. The show starts with a look at the Conservatives plan to change the lyrics of Oh Canada and includes a singing of the fully-revised lyrics. Steve does a quick breakdown of the 2010 Federal Budget. In the news, the boys discuss how silicone breast implants that saved a woman’s life and how they can help society as a whole. Jackie taps a free download as his single of the week and Steve does the same for It Came From YouTube. After the break, basketball, hockey, boxing, and wrestling are topics for a game of Toss Up. It’s all that Lowdown fun and insanity you love condensed into an easy to handle 28 minute package.

Click here to download the 10 MB podcast version.
Click here to download the 26 MB high-quality version.

On the Extra, there’s more talk about the anthem and the budget with most of that focused on trying to figure out what the government was thinking and trying to hide. Two strange animal stories are added to the news. The guys discuss this Justin Bieber guy that seems to have taken over Twitter. Trey Songz wins the coveted Worst of Music prize after Steve discovers that he’s already bestowed the honour on the Top 5 of the Billboard Hot 100 already. After the break, there’s a couple of trademark Steve rants and another Jackie story from Australia. More banter is added to sports that had to be cut from the radio version due to time constraints. In all, it’s an added 38 minutes of Extra content this week. As always, the action comes to you uncut and uncensored.

Click here to download The Lowdown Extra.


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