Wednesday Link-Off: It’s Our Game

She may not have been nominated for an award but Elizabeth Banks was a winner at the Oscars in my books.

In the greatest feature written about the Olympic men’s hockey game of the century, the main players breakdown the final four seconds of the game fraction of a second by fraction of a second. (Toronto Star)

Canada (or at least Edmonton) has its priorities straight. During the gold medal hockey game, folks only when to the bathroom during the intermissions. (Pat’s Papers)

If you’re involved in Italian Serie A soccer, don’t blaspheme. It got Jesus crucified and a manager a touchline ban. (Goal)

After the jump, a Stephen Brunt column, dumb celebrity lawsuits, and The Three Stooges.

There were a lot of real dumb writing contests while I was in elementary school (the song writing contest about racism comes to mind because it trivialized it in hindsight). But the one where the winner gets to blow up Texas Stadium is a damn good one. (Sportress of Blogitude)

In entertainment news that Jackie would never report because to depressing to contemplate, Robert DeNiro as Vince Lombardi in an ESPN film. (Tirico Suave) And you thought that WWE films were bad…

Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse for Tiger, they make him share the cover of the video game that’s named after him. (ESPN)

Who doesn’t love a good media feud? Bill Simmons and Keith Olbermann are going at it over who is the more pompous ESPN (or ex-ESPN) personality. (Deadspin)

The greatest sport writer in Canada thinks that Gary Bettman is the wrong man to lead the NHL forward. He writes and we should all listen. (Globe & Mail)

Speaking of the wrong man to lead a sport, don’t forget the guy running NCAA basketball. Expanding the tourney to 96 teams may be ridiculous but inevitable. (Washington Post)

Most celebrities are better seen and not heard. And if civil court is involved, they should neither be seen nor heard because they tend to make idiots of themselves. (Guyism)

Everyone knows that I love the new Ford Fiesta but I may just love the new Ford Focus even more. (Top Gear) By the way, Ford, we also do new car reviews around here.

In an example of pure awesomeness, William Shatner reads tweets from @ShitMyDadSays. That’s our boy, America, and don’t you guys forget it.

I think I may have found the greatest YouTube video of all time. It’s the Three Stooges mashed up with the A-Team.

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