2009 in Film: A Year in Review

2009 was another big year for movies thanks to 3D movies, sequels to giant blockbusters and ‘sexy’ vampires. With everything going on over the past year, it’s easy to forget about many of the films that were released. Just for kicks, let’s take a look back at the year of 2009.


9 – David S. Goyer once again manages to create another lackluster horror film. At least there was some eye candy involved this time around courtesy of Odette Yustman. (The Unborn)

16 – Kevin James single handedly stripped away any respect that mall cops have managed to get over the years (Paul Blart – Mall Cop). This weekend also marked the return of gimmicky 3D courtesy of My Bloody Valentine 3D.

23 – Rhona Mitra is no Kate Beckinsale. Nuff said. (Underworld: Rise of the Lycans)

30 – Liam Neeson’s badassness skyrocketed. (Taken)


6 – Scarred for life after watching Coraline. Steve Martin also made an epic disaster known as The Pink Panther 2. Meanwhile the comedy Fanboys quiety squeaked into theatres after being shelved for 2 years.

13 – Jason kills brain cells of the audience and the competition at the box office weekend. (Friday the 13th)

20 – Madea goes to jail. About freakin’ time.

27 – Not much to choose from in theatres. Either have your eardrums shattered by the Jonas Brothers or face another disappointing video-game film adaptation (Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li).


6 – Everyone went to watch The Watchmen.

13 – The Rock’s career has stagnated… or is it going downhill? (Race to Witch Mountain) I thought this was bad enough, but then I saw the trailer to The Tooth Fairy later in the year. Anyway, another Wes Craven remake went virtually ignored. (The Last House on the Left)

20 – Like the relationship of JD and Turk on Scrubs, Paul Rudd and Jason Segal helped push ‘bromance’ and ‘man-dates’ into the limelight. (I Love You, Man) Also Nicholas Cage finally has a quasi-hit on his hands that didn’t have the words ‘National Treasure’ attached to it. (Knowing)

27 – A WWE film was released? Well it does look sorta interesting… Oh look a 3D cartoon featuring monsters and aliens! (12 Rounds, Monsters and Aliens)


3 – A sharp increase in speeding tickets were recorded over the weekend. Vin Diesel’s career isn’t dead yet. (Fast and Furious) Meanwhile an awesome comedy was largely ignored. (Adventureland)

10 – Disney milked the Hannah Montana cow. Seth Rogen tried to regain some respect for mall cops, but the damage done by Kevin James was too big. (Observe and Report) I also learned that Goku is not Asian at all. He is in fact a white Canadian kid. (Dragonball Evolution)

17 – Zac Efron actually tried to establish a movie career. I think this is his only film that’s watchable so far. (17 Again) Meanwhile, unwarranted sequel Crank: Voltage delivered little to no shock value.

24 – Jamie Foxx and RDJ arrived late for the Oscar party. (The Soloist)


1 – X-Men fans once again face a major dose of disappointment. (X-Men Origins: Wolverine)

8 – Trekkies stick it to the Star Wars fans out there. (Star Trek) Also, ‘Jessica Biel’ became the most searched actress on Google over the weekend. (Powder Blue)

15 – Da Vinci Code Part Deux is released. (Angels and Demons)

21 – None of the angry Christian Bale tirade made it onto the silver screen. The film was also a set up for Joss Whedon’s $10000 bid for the rights to the franchise. (Terminator Salvation)

29 – Pixar turned everyone into an emotional wreck by manipulating our tear ducts. (Up) Meanwhile loan officers and bankers are suddenly providing better services to customers. (Drag Me To Hell)


5 – Apparently alcohol + Vegas is an awesome combination. (The Hangover)

12 – Eddie Murphy is considering reviving that Nutty Professor character. (Imagine This)

19 – Ryan Reynolds finally establishes himself as a Hollywood leading man with a box office hit. (The Proposal)

24 – Lots of slow motion Megan Fox running moments. What? There were giant robots fighting in that movie?! How did I miss that? (Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen)

26 – Fans are outraged that Nick Cassavetes tweaked the ending to My Sister’s Keeper.



1 – Batman travels back in time to stop a criminal in the 1930s. (Public Enemies) Also in other movie news, apparently dinosaurs were still alive during the Ice Age. (Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs)

10 – Hayden Panettiere reconsiders leaving that sinking ship known as Heroes. (I Love You, Beth Cooper) The public also made it clear that they didn’t want to see any more of Sasha Baron Cohen’s ass. (Bruno)

15 – Someone screams out “Dumbledore dies!”. The one and only person that is actually shocked by the death responds “You bitch!” (Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince)

17 – Best film of 2009 is released (500 Days of Summer).

24 – Before Zach Galifinakis became famous, he had to make a movie with CGI hamsters. (G-Force)

31 – Shock alert: Judd Apatow did not create a $100M hit! (Funny People) Meanwhile the dolphins are secretly plotting world domination. (The Cove)


7 – Best Actress Oscar goes to Meryl Streep. (Julie and Julia)

14 – The nude pictures of Vanessa Hudgens did little to help boost her movie career. (Bandslam) This weekend also marked the release of a fine sci-fi film with deep political undertones. (District 9)

21 – People’s ability to spell out words properly have dropped significantly after the release of Tarantino’s latest flick. (Inglourious Basterds)

28 – Gimmicky 3D makes another return. (The Final Destination) Halloween arrived 2 months early and people didn’t give a shit. (Halloween II)


4 – Bradley Cooper wishes that he was drunk in Vegas instead. (All About Steve)

9 – Stitchpunks aren’t as cool as we thought they were. (9)

11 – Major flops at the box office weekend, yet Tyler Perry made it out on top. (I Can Do Bad All By Myself)

18 – Jennifer’s Body was virtually unwatched as there weren’t enough T&A courtesy of Megan Fox.

25 – Not exactly what most couples have in mind when they set up a camera in their bedroom. (Paranormal Activity)


2 – Zombies = cool. Roller derby = not cool. Steve also learns that cardio is very important. (Steve edit: Jackie, shut the fuck up). (Zombieland, Whip It)

9 – I like Kristen Bell… just not enough to go see Couple Retreat.

16 – People still have trouble distinguishing Spike Jonze and Spike Jones but they still flocked to the theatres to check out those giant furry creatures. (Where the Wild Things Are)

23 – Chopping people up into pieces is no longer cool. (Saw VI)

28 – A final farewell to the King of Pop. (This Is It)


6 – People have yet to truly warm up to CGI-created characters from Robert Zemeckis. (A Christmas Carol)

13 – Roland Emmerich destroyed the world a few years ahead than what was anticipated. (2012)

20 – Sign of the apocalypse #198521561: The Twilight Saga – New Moon.

25 – The Road, an end of the world movie done right. Robin Williams once again considers reentering the world of stand-up comedy instead of making more Disney films. (Old Dogs)


4 – Lesson of the day: Don’t mess with Tobey Maguire (Brothers)

11 – Morgan Freeman adds another role into his chain of commands. (Invictus)

18 – People warmed up to CGI-created characters from James Cameron. (Avatar)

25 – Bromance tops chipmunks at the box office weekend. (Sherlock Holmes, Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel) Steve Martin averts disaster by pairing with Meryl Streep instead of a Pink Panther. (It’s Complicated)

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