Lowdown Radio Classic: November 13, 2007

While I work on the next episode of the radio show, I thought why not post a classic episode of the show that I really like. This episode goes back to the beginnings of The Lowdown radio show. In fact, it was our second ever episode and you can really tell the difference between then and now. In this vintage episode, Steve talks with Michael Parkin, a UWO economics professor and former president of the Canadian Economics Association, about the fluctuating value of the Canadian dollar. On entertainment, the guys discuss the latest Westlife single, Home, and compare it to the Michael Bublé original. They also tackle the then days old TV and movies writers strike which prompts Steve to call a strike. The show ends with sports which was the NHL quarter-season review and the first time we play Toss Up for the first time ever. In case you were wondering, that game makes a return on Tuesday. As an added bonus, we’ve touched up the episode a bit to improve the sound.

Click here to download the 9 MB podcast version.
Click here to download the 28 MB high-quality version.


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