Entertainment Link-Off: Feelin’ Energetic

boaComic-Con 2009 is finally here! I will be posting tidbits on a handful of events from the convention very soon and that includes my thoughts on the unaired Dollhouse episode Epitaph One. Meanwhile keep an eye out for the trailer watch. Anyway it’s time for another edition of the Entertainment Link-Off! Sorry for the slight delay in posting this, but I was overwhelmed with nerdism. Headlining this article is BoA, who recently released the music video for her latest single ‘Energetic’ through Entertainment Weekly. The song was also featured in our Lowdown Music Special earlier this year.

After the jump, some funny Harry Potter stuff, brief movie/TV updates, BoA’s new music video and Darth Vader does MC Hammer.

Imagine what Harry Potter 8-13 would be like (9-14 if you intend on basing it on movie count). (PoliticalCartoons.com)

Crazy/Excited Japanese fangirl gives the best Harry Potter cast interviews ever! (Slashfilm)

Seems like Harry Potter is losing his magic touch at the box office this weekend. (LA Times)

If you’re wondering why Bruno flopped. (The Toronto Star)

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen continues is closing in on the $400M mark. Let’s take a look back at the box office performances of previous Michael Bay flicks. It pretty much explains why he is still making movies and it has nothing to do with his talent. (My Confined Space)

Edgar Wright might be suffering from separation anxiety since he’s filming Scott Pilgrim vs. the World without Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. On the bright side, he is still connected to the two actors through the internet and the wonderful game of…Frisbee? (Collider)

Joss Whedon will be venturing into the horror genre with the film The Cabin in the Woods. Three teaser posters have been released. Don’t be fooled by the typical tacky look because the taglines are priceless. (Collider)

Not sure if there’s anything “wow” about the World of Warcraft film. Then again, there is a glimmer of hope now that Sam Raimi is behind it. (E! Online)

Brits find American TV more addicting… (Daily Telegraph) I am disgusted with some of the shows that are mentioned on that list.

Sad news to those in Dillon, Texas… Adrianne Palicki might not be returning to FNL this season!!! (Ausiello)

NBC’s Community goes viral! (Zap2it)

This is a classic case of Canadian-US TV partnership gone wrong. The Listener goes out on a whimper for NBC. (TV by the Numbers). However, the ratings remain strong in Canada. (The Globe and Mail) Now the question is, will CTV be willing to fund the show all on its own to get a second season?

I am really looking forward to this game! (Collider)

boa 2The music video for BoA’s latest single ‘Energetic’ definitely lives up to its title as she demonstrates her powerful dance skills along with the catchy pop track. The video features a new extended version of the song, so it’s a slightly different listening experience compared to the album version.

In other BoA related news, she has revealed that a repackaged version of her debut US album will hit the stores in September. It will feature one new track from her and a few more new songs in which she collaborated with other artists.

I’m usually not a fan of repackaging CDs since I believe it’s just a money-grabbing technique, but given the album didn’t exactly light up the charts here in North America, I think she deserves another shot. Plus this can be a good thing. Repackaged CD means new photoshoot, which leads to additional eye candy! Alright, I’m in!


Finally… Darth Vader does MC Hammer. This is classic!


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