E3 2009: The Nintendo Outlook

The final two console manufacturers both had the main stage on Tuesday. First up, though, was Nintendo. There were a number of new games that are coming out for Wii that were expected to be previewed. The leader in console gaming is known for making big splashes at E3 so we expect the unexpected from the Japanese company.

The theme for this year’s Nintendo presser was “everyone’s game.” They kicked off the show with the return of one of Nintendo’s classic characters as Mario is back with the New Super Mario Brothers for Wii. It uses the classic 2D side-scrolling view from the original Super Mario Brothers games. New SMB has a co-op mode for up to four players with the ability to jump in or drop out of play at will. This game is supposed to be Nintendo’s next big thing. They even referred to it as their “new masterpiece.”

Some new hardware was also on display. Specifically, the Wii Motion Plus for the Wii Mote. This isn’t about making a general motion that becomes a different motion on the screen. The Wii Motion Plus is more based on the translation of actual motion into the same motion on the screen. There will also be a new Wii Vitality Sensor that measures not only heart rate but nervousness and focus. The DSi will have the capability to upload photos from the camera to Facebook.

Big game unveilings for the Wii included the new Wii Fit Plus, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers, Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles, and Dead Space Extraction. The biggest game unveiled by Nintendo, by a wide margin, is Metroid Other M. This game is going to look deeper into the story of Samus and is in 3D. For more, check out the footage below.

The DS wasn’t left out of the show. Square announced that Kingdom Hearts would be coming to the DS. Legendary Nintendo RPG, Dragon Sun, is returning to action on the DS. A GTA competitor by Ubisoft called C.O.P. The Recruit about a street racer turned police officer is also coming to the DS. The resurrection of another legendary Nintendo name will be made on DS as Link will return for Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. Despite that announcement, there hasn’t been any mention of when the Legend of Zelda franchise will make its Wii debut.

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