When The Wrestler took off in popularity, the media lit up with stories on who the lead character, Randy “The Ram” Robinson, was based on.  It was almost as if wrestling jumped back into mainstream pop culture like it did in the mid- to late-90s.  But with all the controversy surrounding pro wrestling, the media isn’t looking for all feel good stories.  They were looking for stories like “The Ram” where the business used them up and spit them out.  But with pro wrestling back in the legitimate news, there has been some pretty good stories written.  Here’s some of the best ones out there:

Tito Santana

Santana is one of the few feel good stories to come out of professional wrestling (or so the media would have you believe).  The two-time WWE Intercontinental and two-time WWE Tag Team champion still wrestles on the independant wrestling circuits while teaching Spanish in middle school.  In short, his life has turned out the exact opposite of The Ram’s.
(Full Story: New York Times)

Jon Rechart (A.K.A. Balls Mahoney)

For every story like Tito’s, there’s plenty more about guys still scraping by, beaten from pillar to post by the sport they love.  But as the three-time ECW tag-team champion says the roar of the crowd is infectious.  While he did make some good money in wrestling, he occasionally did it at the expense of his dignity as evidenced by his WWF run as Xanta Klaus.

(Full Story: New York Times)

Jerry Lynn

There’s not much to this Q&A with the ECW heavyweight and TNA X-division champion. But he resemblence between he and The Ram is scary.
(Full Story: Metromix Chicago)

Michael Taris

While these three stars have all been on major television programs, pay-per-views, and made some decent money, not every wrestler has made the big leagues. Case in point, Taris was charged with insurance fraud and attempted theft after staging a fall to make a $50,000 damages claim. This goes to show that the business can be tougher on you if you can’t make the big leagues.
(Full Story: Philly.com)

Ted DiBiase

I’m ending on this one because this is a redemption story. The media would have you believe that the sex, drugs, rock & roll lifestyle that wrestlers live leads to a downward spiral to an early grave. Ted was caught up in that lifestyle before finding his salvation in God. Now he’s using the lessons of his past to help people as a minister.
(Full Story: The Sun)

And one last bit of fun. Mental Floss has created another epic quiz. This one, appropriately, is about Wrestlemania’s past. Give it a shot and see if you can match my 14/14. Click here for the quiz.


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