Canada’s Sexiest Sportscasters

Playboy is following up on their sexiest sportscaster poll (won, of course, by Erin Andrews) with a list of the sexiest international sportscasters.

Canada has two entrants on the ten woman list.  And in case your firewall at work won’t let you click on to Playboy’s complete list, I have the nomination videos for you here.

Martine Gaillard (Sportsnet)

This video of Martine isn’t as flattering as most of the other videos Playboy uses and definitely not as flattering as the next one. On the other hand, she is probably the best of Playboy’s bunch at doing her job. But just to be mentioned with the world’s hottest does Martine justice.

Jennifer Hedger (TSN)

What was I saying about flattering? What was I on about in the first place? Is it too late to mention that YouTube suggests that the video may not be suitable for minors? Does anyone care?

The Lowdown’s Unofficial Honourable Mention: Evanka Osmak (Sportsnet)

I’ll admit, I was surprised she didn’t make the list. But then again, when was the last time anyone saw her on Connected? Do something about it Sportsnet!


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